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cbeth85September 15, 2013

We are in the process of building a new house, and I'm a little torn about the kitchen layout and appliances. I've attached the blueprint for the kitchen area, but the picture didn't turn out well, so I'll try to describe it a little more. The long wall of the kitchen is about 10'4". There is a 5' walkway between it and a 10'x 3.5' island. The short wall of the kitchen is 7' 5". The sink will be in the island. Currently, we were planning on having a gas range (GE Cafe) with above range microwave centered on the long wall, and the refrigerator on the end of the shorter wall. Now, I'm having second thoughts. I really love the look of vent hoods, and not so much the look of a microwave over the oven. So, I'm now considering going with a separate cooktop and a wall oven/microwave combo. I think it would probably have to go on the corner of the long wall next to the doorway (so it's closer to the short wall of the kitchen).

My main concern is losing the counter space with the wall oven. Do you think it's worth it to get the separate cooktop and vent hood? Also, do you think this layout will function well? I don't have much flexibility with the actual layout of the room, but I can move the appliances around. I'd appreciate any opinions!

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The range location appears perfect for a beautiful hood. What about keeping the range and doing an under counter microwave? Then it could go on any of the under counter locations but would likely be best in the long or short wall - and it wouldn't be in the line of sight..

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Can doorways be moved as long as they stay on the same wall?

What are the rooms below the kitchen that we can see a little bit of? Are they bedrooms?

If you could post the entire floor plan, it would really help.

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I don't think the doorway can be moved. The rooms below the kitchen are 2 bedrooms.

We've thought about doing a microwave drawer, but I've read mixed reviews about them. If we did go that route, we were thinking about the island. Why were you thinking on the long wall?

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How about mounting the microwave above the short-wall counter in the corner by the hall? Although that wall is seen end-on from the living room, the solid wall ending the stove counter to the left would block view of the microwave from the dining area.

Ideally, for an attractive look an unbroken line of cabinets works best -- stopping only for a detail you want to grab attention to or show off, like a vent hood or window with pretty view.

I wouldn't add the MW to the uppers on the long wall because, if you want the vent hood to be an attractive, dominant detail, you need to keep the area around it uncluttered by not-so-attractive stick-ins, which would tend to grab attention to themselves instead.

I don't know who uses the MW for what, but for us that corner would definitely work better, keeping it out of the way of the main cooking area. Undercounter placement offers a number of possibilities, of course.

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Hmm... do you really need that door to the bedroom hallway at all?

Ideally for function, I'd like to see the sink and DW over on the short wall. Put a prep sink on the island and the fridge down at the great room end of the long wall. I think if you considered closing up the path to the bedrooms (also makes the bedroom area more private) you could have a nice "L+island" shaped kitchen. I'd want the island to be 4 ft. from the range, not 5.

We have a MW drawer, btw. It was worth the extra expense for me because I am short and reaching up into a microwave always made me very nervous. But, since it is a drawer, my 6 ft. tall husband does not have to bend over at all to use it. I don't "cook" a lot in the MW. It is mostly used for reheating leftovers, quick steaming some fresh veggies, and melting or softening butter when I bake. It does all of those things well. The only thing I used to use the microwave for that I can't seem to get right in the drawer is making oatmeal. I have to use a mixing bowl to prevent boiling over.

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