Party Time - What to Serve in Sterno trays

dilly_nySeptember 4, 2013

Hi GWers. I'm helping my SIL with a large party this weekend and I need some quick opinions for a side dish / starch to make ahead (a day before) and heat and serve in a sterno chaffing tray (the kind where sterno heats water and water heats food in tray). I am also open to using a crock pot.

The menu entres consist of chicken francese, chicken parm, and sausage and peppers, baked ziti, and veg. We feel another starch would be ideal, such as risotto, rice, or maybe potatoes. My concern is that rice and risotto do not reheat nicely. Potatoes do not seem to go well with entrees.

Any suggestions to make this work ... As in Kitchen at Work!

Thanks so much.

P.S. Keep it simple as I am no chef. LOL

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What about a nice frittata? Typically a way I get rid of leftovers but reheats very well and can be cut into nice squares or wedges for ease of serving. Cooked spaghetti, bound with in a egg custard base, flecked with color from roasted red peppers, some spinach and herbs. Another thing I like to serve, because it is easy to pick up is stromboli, bread dough into which has been rolled your choice of cheese veggies and meat. My kids even take this in their lunch box, a favorite is pepperoni, spinach, red pepper, and provolone. If you are making your own bread dough, it is nice to fleck it with basil.

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I think the chicken park is screaming for a pasta that is plain. But, I'm not sure why you are doing 2 chicken dishes, TBH. If it was me, I'd do the chicken francese with an herbed potato, the sausage and peppers with rolls available, and the ziti as a vegetarian entree. Then a cooked veg (green beans sauteed with almonds?) and a large green salad. If you would really prefer rice, do a pilaf, they typically hold up better. Or, see if you can borrow a rice cooker that can hold rice at a steady temp for hours.

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Thanks for these suggestions. Local eater that Stromboli sounds great. Our favorite is salami. Controlfreakecs herbed potato sounds good. I guess I have to decide tomorrow.

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