Solid Surface Seam

aloha2009September 24, 2013

We were looking at going with a solid surface so we wouldn't have any visible seems BUT I was at a furniture store that had a solid surface and there was an obvious seam.

I had never seen one with a seam, so I was surprised to see one and one I wouldn't have been happy with. I think they advertise that seam are very hidden but won't go so far as entirely invisible.

The ones I've seen were invisible, so now I'm concerned that there is a chance I could end up having a visual seam and I wouldn't have a leg to stand on, since there is no guarantee for it to be invisible.

We're looking at an Arctic White so I would expect it to be invisible. I'd be willing to shrink my island down to 10' (from 10.5') just to avoid the seam.

Anyone out there that also has a visible solid surface seam?

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Our old kitchen had beige Corian counters. There was no visible seam. Until it split there after my kids kept climbing up in the same spot. Right on the probably could have been repaired?

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I wouldn't want a seam on an island. I think you're taking a chance whether it is visible or not. And that might change over time, as heidi mentions (but for things other than climbing!).

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Wow, I've never heard of a solid surface actually splitting!

They are suppose to be repairable but again wow, never heard that before.

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I wouldn't want a seam on an island.

Me either - I'm designing my island so it can be done with one slab. If I have to downsize the island, I will!

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beachlily z9a

In my last house, the corian countertop eventually cracked on the seam. It was over $500 to repair that crack, but it was again invisible when the repair was finished. Don't know what made it crack--two adults, no children. The house was about 8 yr old when that crack happened.

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