Looking for help with eat-in kitchen

kmonsonSeptember 3, 2012

We have finished the demo and now have a big open room waiting for some inspiration. To the left is a pantry (that will have doors) and the sliding door leads out to the deck. Behind (in this pic) is the rest of the working kitchen. The space is approx 70 inches x 100 inches wide (window to pantry). We have played with the idea of building a banquette under the window approx 60 inches (as the sliding door only comes 10 inches from the exterior wall).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is another picture, with a cameo by my little helper!

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How many peeps will eat at the table ?

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Currently 4, but I would like to be able to seat 6 - 4 kids and 2 adults. Any more than that and we'll be in the dining room.

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ou are challenged for space. But you have the area open to play with. You can use cardboard from an apliance shop or hood boxing cardboard from a collision shop to make some simple full size mock-ups for testing. Use every inch. Possibly something could be done with the sliding door. Prioritize.

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most people only open one side of the sliding glass door. you can judiciously/creatively cover up the side of the door that is not being opened. good luck

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The sliding door is being replaced with French doors in the very near future. Good idea about the cardboard.

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Make the door on the right inoperable. You won't be able to use it with any kind of seating there.

A banquette optimally requires a 6' by 4' space to seat two people side by side, and two on the opposite side of the table. L-shaped banquettes have different requirements. It would be much easier to help with a to-scale measured drawing. Include all wall jogs and the width of the right-hand door.

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I agree that you need to make one side inoperable. I have a similar situation in my kitchen - the area where the table has to go is minimal, with egress issues. I put in a patio door and the left side of course, does not open - allowing me to have some extra space for the table and chairs. If it weren't for that, there's no way I could have managed to get in 4 seats. I probably would have had to do a small breakfast bar off the wall.

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