paper towel holders, placement

mrtulinSeptember 30, 2013

The search function's not coming up with any thing specific about paper towel holders, placement. I'm surprised, because there's about where to put cloth kitchen towels.
Am I missing something?

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You'll have better luck if you do a google search "paper towel holder gardenweb kitchen forum". I hope that helps.

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my kitchen is large, and i have multiple prep areas. i opted for two portable paper towel holders. they go where i do. even in smaller spaces, i don't much see the point of assigning permanent space to such a thing.

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I like my brushed stainless Martha Stewart portable paper towel holder that I just got a few weeks ago. After going without one for so many years, I really appreciate having somewhere to put my PT, and I think it looks inconspicuous on the counter. I decided against putting a holder inside a cabinet because I sometimes have wet hands when I reach for one.

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Yup, portable is the way to go!

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After 20+ years of a fixed PT holder in our kitchen, I went with portable this time. It's only been in action for a couple of weeks, but so far it makes a lot of sense - move it here when using the stove; move it there when using the mixer.

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I got this one from Crate & Barrel, white marble with gray veining, $20.

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Kristen Hallock

I am going to go with portable this time too. And probably 2 of them. I just cant decide which one to buy. The xoxo gets good reviews but I am not sure i like the looks of it. That marble one looks cute but it wouldnt really match my counters.

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