Thank you Beagles!

scrappy25September 9, 2012

Beagles hosted an open house to showcase her Dutchwood cabinets to the gardenwebbers who could make it today. The craftsmanship was beautiful, but what truly amazed me is the creativity and detail that beagles and her (now) husband put into the cabinetry and the rest of the house! From the automatic waterfall sink in the powder room to the unique knobs on all the cabinetry, to all the antique chandeliers, the intricately hand carved marble mantel...the beagles' room is to die for , for dog lovers (not to mention the cabinetry!). It is spectacular, one oooh and ahhh after another. For those of you who were there, I truly apologize if I inadvertently elbowed you of the way trying to get my cell phone pictures. I realized afterward that we forgot a group picture! Thank you again Beagles!

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I am so jealous - I hoped to make it but wasn't able to get to PA this weekend.

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Thanks scrappy25. And thank you to all who made the trip out to see the house and who brought with them delicious food and great wine. It was wonderful to meet everyone and to spend time chatting with all of you :)

a2gemini, I'm sure we can find a time on one of your visits for you to come for a tour :)

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Beagles - I also want to thank you and your husband for sharing your home with us today. Your house is stunning and has so many wonderful details. And it was great having the opportunity to meet some of the GW members.

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This was such a fun afternoon! Meeting fellow G Webbers and The House! Really really well done. I want to hire you Beagles!
Dutchwood makes great cabinets but Beagles creative guidance really shines in this beautiful home.
Thank you again

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Just getting online but wanted to chime in on how much fun it was. Beagles, ur home is more stunning than photos show...and ur creativity was unbelievable. Don't be surprised to see some of your ideas in my upcoming kitchen! Thank you.

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Thanks Kellysar, ppbenn and Mags438 :) It was great to meet all of you guys and I am glad seeing the house gave you some ideas :)

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What? I missed a party? I bet it was a blast.

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I was unable to attend due to having my daughter being able to visit us. She doesn't usually know her work schedule until a few days before the weekend. So, when she found out she had 2 days off in a row, she came home.

I missed all of you, I have seen beagles' kitchen and I agree it is chock full of ideas! If anyone wants to do another get together or make another journey to another DW kitchen, I'm here and always up for a gathering. Although fair warning, my kitchen is not nearly the incredible kitchen that can be found residing in Beagles' house.


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I was sad about missing a party, too!! Where are you guys (gals!) located?

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