Granite ruining clothes??

mpmg46September 4, 2012

We put in granite counters several months back. After this summer of being home much more than during the school year, I think I finally figured out why almost all of my t-shirts have little holes in them, right at the counter height.

Is there a way to have them filed down? I've noticed a few rough spots (on the underside/edge). I haven't called our granite guy yet, thought I'd check here to see if anyone else has had this problem or knows of a solution.


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You should google cotton shirts with little holes or something even more definitive. It's not granite, it's some sort of bug

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Oh how I needed a good laugh, deeebert!
mpmg46, it could, of course, be that your granite has rough edges. Try sliding an old pair of panty hose along the edges. If they snag, call the granite guy. He might need a good laugh too.

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I'm sorry that I'm not finding the humor here.

I don't appreciate the tone at all. I had always thought of this place as helpful. Maybe I'm just tired tonight, but I'm not stupid. I don't find the fact that a whole summer wardrobe of shirts are now ruined amusing, especially when I made mention that the holes are counter height and that I've found rough edges.

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Obviously people are joking and doubt they meant any offense, however you already know what the problem is so why not pose the question to your granite guy rather than post it here. Good luck; hope you get it fixed.

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We take what's written as being in the mood we are currently in.

I laughed, too, although that would bum me out, too.

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I wasn't kidding, this is the same problem a friend of mine had and it is some sort of insect in your utility room, not your kitchen. I certainly would not kid about something like that. My friend, who is incredibly fastidious also lost a large number of tee shirts.

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I just went and rubbed my hand along my counters edge. Why?

Because I have holes in my t-shirts just like you describe!

My counters are smooth, so I'm going back to my original assumption that they are from the drying rack I use to dry them. It has sort of squared off edges and I think it is wearing them out. But it is odd that it is in the same exact place on all of my t-shirts. So maybe a combination of that drying rack and the counters? I don't know.

I think if it were a bug, the holes would not be in the exact same location on every single shirt.

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I still thought it was funny.
So shoot me.

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ok, 3 more ideas

Seat belt in car?

Belt rubbing there (not seat belt but pants belt)

Button on the jeans rubbing there?

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I have the same problem and can't figure it out!

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It might be in the same place in each shirt if you fold them all the same way, and the holes are along the fold line - I've had this with moths in woollens, nibbling the whole stack in the drawer, along the fold.

Otherwise, definitely talk to the installer.

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I think it's your counters. It was really obvious to me when I was pregnant, I guess because my belly had that much more contact with the counter.

Do you generally wear jeans, a belt, or anything with metal at the waist? I found that metal on one side, granite on the other, and cotton fabric in the middle really exacerbated the problem. Once I became aware of it, I just stood back a little further from the counter, or put on yoga pants.

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Thank you Deeebert for your explanation. I am pretty certain it's not a type of bug, as my hubby and I share a walk in closet, and he has a few shirts that have similar holes, only his are at counter height.

I have shirts in my closet that I haven't worn all summer. Those ones are fine. It's only the ones that I've worn that have holes now. The kids clothing is laundered with ours, and they don't have any holes, as they are still pretty short little ones. ;)

I did a google search, and oddly enough, found a crazy long thread here on GW with many others having the same problem.

Ok, so the long and short of it, is I'm 99% sure that the rough edges of my granite are causing the problem with my shirts. @Island, as I mentioned, I wanted to check here first, before going to my granite guy, lest he say "You just have bugs in your house." My intention in posting here was to see if others had had a similar experience with granite.


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I assume when you say t-shirt you mean a cotton or cotton/poly interlock knit. That fabric is not easily punctured or snagged. I have to wonder - if the counter snagged it hard enough to actually leave a hole, and did it repeatedly, wouldn't you notice? I mean, you'd feel tugging, wouldn't you? Maybe not - I find bruises sometimes with no recollection of how they got there.

A test is a good idea. Take one of your ruined shirts, and rub it along the counter to see it if snags. And you should definitely try to pay attention to see if you notice the shirt you're wearing snagging on the counter.

Otherwise, the bug theory could be a solution.

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It's NOT the granite.

There are about a dozen posts in the Laundry Forum (with hundreds of followups) from people experiencing the same problem and who thought their machines were the culprit. There have been various theories of the cause, but the most likely one is the additional friction of the pants line rubbing on the shirts causing microscopic weak spots which eventually deteriorate into small holes.

Only granites with a very small crystalline structure, like Absolute Black, are able to be polished to "smooth as glass". Or ones that have resin applied. Most natural granites without a plastic application will have visible small pits, fissures, and "rough" spots to the touch where it's crystalline structure is exposed when cut. That's normal, not a "defect".

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My sister had the same problem. All little holes right at counter height. She cursed about the quality of tee-shirts "these days" and I agreed. And then we both realized it was the granite edge right in front of her sink. So, you are not alone. But, she wasn't able to get hers fixed... I don't know why, but she wasn't...

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I too have little holes in my tshirt type of materials and i thought it was my granite, so i did what Bee did and run my hand along the edge an it's smooth. So I started to think that it possibly could be the new washer since i've noticed these after getting it.

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I also have the little holes, but I've had them for several years, and I've only had stone for a few months. In other words, I doubt it's the granite. I suspect Bee is right, and it's some combination of seat belts, pants buttons, belt buckles, and general leaning on things (including counters) creating weak spots in the fabric.

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natebear zone 10B

I read this topic in a thread somewhere recently. The best suggestion I heard was to wear an apron (it also keeps me from getting soaked while washing dishes). Also, try pulling your t-shirt over your seat belt.

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Bee gave some other possibilities. It's not bugs, it's friction (2 hard edges with soft fabric in between). My DH's t-shirts all have the holes located around the waist. None of his work shirts do, because he tucks them in. Because he usually wears pants with buckles/belts, I presume it's the friction (seat belt and buckle with shirt in between).

So really, I don't see how your granite could be "fixed". The fact that it is a hard surface, regardless of smoothness, is why you have holes in your shirts. It's the same reason that socks eventually develop holes. Friction. Basic physics.

Solutions: Tuck in shirt, wear an apron, change your pants, wear very high-waist pants (low cut jeans also exacerbate this problem).

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Berkeley Parents Network had a recent discussion on this topic. The leading opinion was seatbelts. I don't buy it, as seatbelts have been around forever, and holes seem to be a recent problem for most people. I started having this problem when I got my second horizontal axis washer (a Frigidaire; never happened with the old Maytag Neptune). I think that the hems of the tees get caught in the gasket. It's only a theory, but I've had less problems since I've gotten more careful packing my washer.

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Seat belts have been around a long time, but the combination of seat belts, untucked shirts, and lower-rise pants has only been around a few years.

If it were the washer, why would holes congregate around the waist/lower area of the shirt?

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I had this problem a few years back. Same time as the new front load washer came into the house. Hmmm. Do a google search and you'll see THOUSANDS of comments from front loading washer owners.

I presented the problem to my Whirlpool Duet guy when he came to repair a small issue with our machine. While I believe it could be friction from other things (seatbelt, etc), I was finding holes in a few other places as well. Iable to find the problem and eliminate it by listening to my repair man.

For us and many others based on my research, the issue occurred from the friction of the garments in the machine. Either with the force of the spin that pushes tiny parts of the fabric into the drum and then back out of the holes (which then cause a tiny snag) OR with your detergent. I switched from a liquid soap to a powder based on the repair guy's recommendation and I noticed a considerably favorable change with our clothes getting cleaner BUT if you leave the clothes sit in the washer OR if the soap has not completely dissolved, it acts like a harsh, concentration of cleaning solution (about the size of a granule - just like the holes in your clothing). I have since stopped using liquid altogether (my machine is not 'gummed up' as the repair guy quoted) and I use MUCH LESS granular detergent. If the scoop says "use this much", I use half that. Clothes are clean, no holes, and no gunk.

Just my experience - but the holes 'disappeared' after that.

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Debbi Branka

MP - I definitely think it's the counters. I don't really care what all the google searches show. I've had a front loader for 8 years. Only after I got my granite did all my shirts start getting holes in the front. If you notice on jeans, the fabric kind of sticks out where you button it. I think that rubs against the underside of my granite (with a shirt in between)and that causes the holes. It's not just tshirts either - I've had a couple expensive sweaters ruined. Then my friend said her mom had the exact problem after her granite was installed. My granite is smooth underneath - that doesn't matter. It's hard and you're putting pressure from your body and rubbing against unforgiving stone. It makes holes. The fix is to wear an apron. Every time.

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Carpet beetles are tiny little insects that leave little holes in cotton shirts - cotton tshirts, etc. My experience has been they tend to leave them in the same area of shirts - I don't know why. You generally need an exterminator to get rid of them.

They like dust, so if you have dust bunnys in the corners of your closet they will be happy. Occasionally you might see one on a wall - very tiny brown roundish little buggers with stripes.

FWIW - I don't have granite and I have had the exact holes you're describing.


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I think it's the radon that the counter is emitting burning tiny holes in your shirts.

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LOL weissman! I have xray vision now, too, since installing my radon-emitting granite.

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Sherrie Moore

I have to agree with WindyCity Lindy! (Seat belts have been around a long time, but the combination of seat belts, untucked shirts, and lower-rise pants has only been around a few years.

If it were the washer, why would holes congregate around the waist/lower area of the shirt?)

I have the same issue and it only on the lower front of my untucked shirts.

And I did go feel the edge of my granite counter... but not finding anything there!

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I've never seen tiny holes in my t-shirts at counter height and I don't have a granite counter. Mine is wood. It has to be something you are coming in contact with on a regular basis, so could be your counter tops.

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Why don't you test the "it's the granite" theory: Start wearing an inexpensive apron when you work in the kitchen. Do not wear the apron anywhere else in the house, and be very careful about how you wash it. If you notice no more holes in your shirt, but you do notice holes in your apron . . . you'll know it's the granite.

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It IS the counters. It is not just granite but since granite is "hard rock" it is much more likely to happen with granite. When I moved to Formica counters it mostly stopped. I am sure that many will be insulted by what they read next but I am on board with the pregnant woman's theory since my "holey shirt problem" went away 100% after I lost 30 lbs ;)

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I have the same problems. The funny thing is I, have two of the exact same tops. One red and one purple the red has the holes like you, describe. My granite has smooth edges. The purple one does not have holes. I, do not wear belts. I, think maybe it's from where they come from, maybe the material or bugs were carried over in some of them. I, told the store where I, got the tops, and they thought maybe a bad batch of material when the some of them were made.

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I have the same problems. The funny thing is I, have two of the exact same tops. One red and one purple the red has the holes like you, describe. My granite has smooth edges. The purple one does not have holes. I, do not wear belts. I, think maybe it's from where they come from, maybe the material or bugs were carried over in some of them. I, told the store where I, got the tops, and they thought maybe a bad batch of material when the some of them were made.

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As mentioned, folds in fabric can cause a weakness there. But also mentioned are bugs noshing dust ... how do you store the tshirts? Folded? Could it be that the folded edge is exposed to dust that makes for a tasty meal resulting in holes?

Another random hypothesis: any chance something from the stone is rubbing off? Maybe the sealer? Or the marble itself which is pH +/- 9?

That there is an epidemic of site-specific holey tshirts ("thousands of google entries") is absolutely wild.

What edge do all you affected-folks have on your marble?

I like my exposed-fold hypothesis. I think something is getting access to the fabric at "waist-height" only. Do the affected line-dry only? FL-washer only?

This seems like fodder for snopes, quite frankly.

100% cotton tshirts only? blend only? mixture?

How wide is the band of holes? It would have to be very tight to implicate belt-shirt-counter contact.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to post a picture, would you?

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I don't have granite. I do have the holes described. I never HAD the holes until I got a front loading washer. But I definitely do not have granite, so I doubt that granite is the problem. I had quartz at the old house with an old top load washer, and no holes. So there goes that theory.

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I don't have granite or quartz. I have had a front loading washer for 6 years. I don't have holes in any of my clothes.

Could be the answer is unique to different people.

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I have the same problem and researched and found the really long thread a while back. I have a front loader but it happens even if I hand wash. I hang the shirts. I think its the friction against the counters and seat belts. Has to do with the belt buckle and the metal button on jeans rubbing on the fabric on one side and the seatbelt or counter on the other side. I get most of mine to the right side.

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Oh my goodness! Lots of thoughts and ideas! And lots of others with the same problem.

So for me:

-I have a top loading washer and it's not new, and the kids' clothes are fine.

-My clothing is all hung on hangers. No problem there with fold lines.

-I drive about a mile a day (and some days none at all). Live in a small town and walk to work. I tend to drive more in the colder months, yet my shirts were fine until 6 months ago. I don't always have a jacket on either.

-The only thing that's changed here in the last 6 months is the installation of the new counter.

Yes, I have some rough spots on the counter. After testing my theory last night, DH and I determined that the holes in my shirts are right over the button area and the smaller metal pieces that hold the belt loops on.

So my conclusion is this (for me anyhow): It's the contact b/w the buttons or metal pieces on my shorts/pants and the granite (we had laminate previously). I think the rubbing b/w the metal and stone is what's tearing up my shirts. I'm only 5ft 1in, so I'm pretty much always leaning up against the counter, whether I'm cooking, plugging a toaster in, or reaching for a cup.

What I don't get is why I never had the problem with laminate. I guess b/c it's not as hard a surface as granite. I have the same shorts that I did last summer and same jeans all winter long.

My solution for now is to tuck my shirts in when I'm at the counter (I feel like Steve Earkle!)...So we'll see.

Thanks for the help. I still will have the 2 jagged spots of the granite tended to. And I guess I still have to go spend money on hole-less shirts. :(

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Today I finally found out definitively what has caused the holes in my's wearing it over my jeans and rubbing against our soapstone countertop. The reason I know it has to be that and not bugs or our front load washer is because it was a "brand new" cotton long sleeved t-shirt I'd just bought from Winners (equivalent to TJ Maxx in the US). It was a Ralph Lauren Polo brand cotton shirt and today was the first time I wore it.

I ran all sorts of errands in the car, cooked and cleaned all evening and when I went to lay on the sofa at the end of the night, I look down and see "several" holes worn through at my belly button level on my brand new shirt. Not just a couple or a few holes....several...and of varying sizes. Totally wrecked..holes cover a 2.5" by 1.5" diameter!

So, the shirt wasn't even washed yet or in my house long enough for any "bug" to get to it. Probably a combination of cheaper thinner cotton and constant rubbing between my jeans button (I don't wear belts) and the counter.

Annoying as heck that the shirt only lasted one day by but at least I now know where the holes come from. That's why I buy my t-shirts from Winners because I know they won't last that long so why spend a fortune on them.

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I would do a PH test on your counter... Your counter top may not be in a neutral state.. Acid does cause small holes in shirts..
Some Marble is sold as Granite, Granite is suppose to be neutral, Marble can be acidic.. Granite can be radioactive as well.. May cause cause unstable state..

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Marble can be acidic..

Marble is calcium carbonate, which is used as a buffering agent to raise pH. That is, marble is NOT "acidic."

Granite can be radioactive as well.. May cause cause unstable state..

Uhhh, yeah. Uh-huh.

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I can't believe I am reading this thread! I, too, have at least four tops that have the little holes in them, right at the belt buckle line at the front. One of the tops was brand new and had never been washed (I have a front loader too) so clearly laundry has nothing to do with it. I typically wear a belt with jeans, and assumed that my belt was the culprit since the holes looked like they were made from something poking through. I threw out my old, worn and favourite belt last week (I only ever wore the one). My granite counters were installed in July but I have only been experiencing the little holes in my clothes for the past 2 weeks or so. It never dawned on me that my granite countertop could be the cause. And to think I may have thrown out my beloved belt for nothing! Interestingly, no little holes since I got the new belt!

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I can't believe I'm reading this thread either! But not for the empathy, sorry to say: for the skepticism. It certainly is good for your theory, though, that so many have the same experience. I still can barely believe it.

Any chance you can reproduce the event? Grab another shirt from winners, don't wash, - heck, even take a sharpie and outline the contact point with the belt maybe -- and try to wear it the same length of time for the same-ish tasks? Do this then with an old rag-shirt? Then take a strip of paper or cloth and protect the edges of your countertop and do the experiment all over again? Buy stock in Winners first.

And then somehow do take the pH of that slab? But I agree that it seems unlikely to be acidic, though who knows what you actually do have. In my brief interaction with slab yards they seemed to sell the gamut under highly random marketing names. Soapstone is basically talc which is indeed pretty inert and used as a buffer. I think that's why traditionally lab benches have been constructed of soapstone, precisely because they are relatively non-reactive and neutral; good insulating properties too?

What about your water? Could that react with the stone in some way to give a strong pH (I think acid or base can do more-or-less the same thing, no?). There are tons of biochemists on this list ... can we grab their attention?

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OK, dh the geo-bio-paleontologist has a random theory. We are good at generating random theories over here. He wonders whether the stone is shedding minute rough particles, sand, essentially, but really small, that is doing the physical abrasion but rendering the stone still smooth. WDYT?

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Fori is not pleased

I think I'm zipping my shirts into my pants. :) Or snagging my laptop.

I too can ruin a new shirt in one day. I can't confirm I work in the kitchen on those days. Belly button holes and belly button ONLY holes cannot be explained by insects or washing machines, especially on a new shirt (or synthetic, in the case of insects--not edible).

I do not have granite nor soapstone.

I have had holes when I had a stainless steel countertop which was very smooth (even bent up like a G under the substrate to preserve curious kid fingers). I have had holes with my "new" tile counter which is totally rough in spots and will not pass the pantyhose snag test.

Curiously, I have not gotten holes when pregnant.

I like the seatbelt theory best.

How tall are people getting holes? If it's a countertop, the holes should all be at the same distance from the ground, not the same distance from the navel. Why does my spouse not get holes?

This is fun--such a ridiculous problem, isn't it? :P

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Yes, ridiculous this problem is but I'm sure less-so for the afflicted.

So the composition of the countertop may well be a red herring. Well, that might not hold up so well as a countertop....

I think someone mentioned that with their previous, non-stone countertop there had not been a problem. Though with their previous, non-stone countertop they would have been - ahem - younger. It must be said while not politically very correct, that body morphology might play into this. Beyond height and distance from the ground, is a question of "sphericity" as well as the behavioral matter of how you cook and wash-up - that is how much leaning or rubbing into the side of the countertop you might do. As well, that previous 'safe' countertop could have been in a kitchen with different layout engendering different patterns of use.

So there seem to be a lot of potential variables. As for spice not getting holes, I know the variance on this is huge, but my own dh spends next to no time in the kitchen, and when he does, washing up, he's leaning way over into the sink and never touching the countertop. Habits would matter. (not to mention that morphology-problem).

As well, the inoffensive former non-stone counter could have been physically blameless if it is some really tiny, abrasive material that's coming off the soapstone.

I think the experiment needs to be done where some, say, blue paint tape is laid across the countertop edge and a new shirt is worn as before with +/- identical kitchen use.

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Has anyone considered the shoddy construction of clothing being sold these days? The fabric on shirts I have bought in the last year (especially t-shirts) have been noticeably lacking in quality with a much thinner feel. Doesn't take much for little pin holes to start appearing. I have had granite, marble and a front load washer for longer than I have been getting holes in my shirts, so it leads me back to quality of clothing being produced. Just my opinion, although the other theories made me stop and think for a minute.

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'Tis a puzzlement' The King was fond of saying.

OK. I've had a granite countertop for 8 years, Formica before that. The granite is polished on the top and front but the bottom is very rough. I'm 5'3 and a leaner, I lean on my counters all the time while cooking, reading the newspaper or even watching the TV across the room from my prep area. I've had a front loader for 9 years, I'm 20 pounds overweight, jeans 85% of the time, year round and always buckle my seat belt.

Yet none of my shirts have little holes in them - they do have large worn spots though from leaning on the counter. Some of my really old shirts have actually worn though.

I'm not sure what's causing the little holes but if anyone should have them it should me be.

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I am going to start wearing my T-Shirts backwards around the house.

I just have to remember to not go out.

And yes, I saw the new ones get the holes too. I also hang my clothes. Top Loading's 12 years old.

So gals, turn your shirts around!!!

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Seriously, how could it be the washer? Does it have a brain to detect the waist area of every shirt?

I wear t-shirts until they disintegrate and I've never had a ring of holes around the middle. My counters are very smooth, but I don't lean into them unless I'm reaching to clean near the backsplash.

On the other hand, I have to keep my closet door closed all the time because my cats jump up and pull everything off the hangers. Damage like you wouldn't believe.

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Fori is not pleased

"Tissue weight" Ts have been more popular lately, and they do seem to suffer the most.

Just noticed (I do wear my holey shirts) that my holes are well below the counter. So. I hold my counter blameless.

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' seatbelts have been around forever'

no they haven't - I remember cars without them.
none on the ARK either - I'd remember.

as for seatbelts, lowrise jeans and untucked shirts being new - no, they existed in the 60's. seatbelts existed then but weren't used much.

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Argh! Okay, I just ruined another new shirt/sweater from Winners in a matter of 2 hours! This time is was a Nautica soft all cotton thin sweater. Hasn't been washed yet. I'm wearing it over my jeans with the metal button at the belly button. Been tidying around the house while showing a new cleaning lady around. I'm at my kitchen sink and decide to look down at my sweater and I've worn away 5 holes in the belly button area! They weren't there when I put on the sweater at 8:30am. And by 10:30am, it's full of holes in the one area - right over my metal button from my jeans.

Sadly, I have managed to repeat this "experiment" at the price of $25 per shirt. Oh well, all in the name of clothing material science!

Someone seriously needs to make shirts with a thin metal weave fabric that can stand up to being rubbed against metal buttons, counter tops and seat belts.

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I'm thinking "what else happens at countertop height?"
Splash from work at the sink, including hand-washing dishes. The Dawn detergent I use is some really concentrated stuff. So if some is inadvertently splashed on the shirt at CT height, then reacts with the fabric + laundry detergent in an unknown way. Laundry detergents are famous for containing micro-abrasives to enhance cleaning, but the combination of kitchen chemicals with them could be a lot worse for the fabrics.
Also, the dyes used on cotton are known to weaken the fiber greatly, and who knows what the offshore textile mills are using these days.

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Weird, my husband and son have started complaining about holes in their t-shirts and they do not spend time near the granite cooking or cleaning. I don't know what is causing it since nothing has changed EXCEPT I started using the Bounce Dryer Bars that you attach in the dryer so you don't need to use dryer sheets. The thing that holds the dryer bar in has really sharp edges so I just took it out a few days ago to see if that's the culprit. Is anyone else using these dryer bars?

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I'm sorry; this is just too bizarre to believe. But anyone who seems to have a reproducible formula for creating teeny holes, would you please try to reproduce the problem after taping the edge of your countertop? And then after sufficient time if it has not produced holes, remove that tape and, ahem, see if it does then? It's possible you might not want to ruin another shirt though... ;)

It's just so hard to believe. And also that this happened suddenly but formerly it was OK.... lambo, is this a regular occurrence only after new countertops were installed recently then?

I think someone should check out the CSPB website for information there. This just seems too weird to be micro-abrasive granite.

I wonder ... would those who have been experiencing problems care to divulge what granite sealer you've got on your countertop?

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Debbi Branka

I have blue pearl granite. It has no sealer on it. It doesn't require a sealer and will never have one. The problem IS the granite. It is not the seatbelt, not my 7 year old front loader washer, not anything radioactive. It's the granite. Period. There's absolutely no question about it.

Last night as I was doing dishes, leaning into the granite counter (I have a corner sink and it sits back probably 4-5 inches) with sweats on and a thick cotton tshirt, I noticed that the rolled down waistband on the sweats, with the tshirt over top of it, was tucked up under the edge of my granite - not just a little, but far under there. While I'm moving back and forth doing dishes and rinsing to put in the other side of the sink, my shirt is being rubbed against the underside (unpolished) of my granite, and held in position to continue being rubbed by the waistband of my sweats. Even more so would this happen with a metal button holding the shirt up there from my jeans. I never wear belts. I am 5'2". I'd like to lose a few pounds, but I'm am not "girthy" by any means. The simple way to avoid holes in your shirts is to wear an apron. Plain and simple - easy fix.

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I recently noticed I was snagging my shirts from the band on a cheap watch I wear when working around the house or gardening. Snags were right at waist level. Also, one of my old rings was snagging shirts and sweaters. One of the prongs must have gotten bent and was causing snags.

My daughter said she started noticing holes in shirts when she was using Kirkland brand laundry detergent. Stopped when she switched back to tide.

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This sounds suspiciously like the rare, and occasionally fatal, fabric-eating navel weevil that emerges to ruin many a shirt. :p

deb52899 got me thinking. For those of you with 3 cm thick counters, what's the underside like. The horizontal part right under the visible edge? My counter is 2 cm, with 5/8" plywood as a base and a built-up edge. Underneath my visible edge is 1.5" of polished quartz. So, even if my sweats and shirt bunched up under the counter, it's all smooth.

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i have this trouble too, and i have laminate counters. It's not from granite.
It's from my belly and my jeans causing the now-more-cheaply-made thinner material shirts to rub against counter-height surfaces.
Yep, it even happened with a brand-new shirt, the first day I wore it.
My tummy sticks out some, thanks to my babies, and that, combined with my jeans button/waistband is the point of impact. Even on laminate. Because I spend a lot of time in the ktichen, bumping up against the counters, now ALL of my shirts are holey. Embarassing.

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Wooo - deja vu. See 'holes in the t shirt' thread on the laundry forum in 2009 linked below.

No granite here. 25 year old Corian. 16 year old car. Front load washer, always used with 1 tablespoon Tide He powder detergent.

Lost countless t shirts to belly holes over a 6 month stretch in 2009. Then it stopped as abruptly as it started. My money is on some product or food ingredient or hobby chemical or behavior that was part of our lives for a while and is no more.

It's a mystery. But it definitely isn't your granite.

Here is a link that might be useful: holes in clothes, part II

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Wow; July 2006. And no resolution in sight.

Apron.... :)

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aliris19 - Maybe it is no coincidence that we renovated our entire home - including kitchen and have been back in the house only 6 months. We now have soapstone counter tops versus our previous traditional laminate counter top (plus the old counter tops were probably an inch or two higher than normal since the previous owners were tall.

And I must admit that I think I've noticed more holes since I stopped working full time several years ago - meaning I'm probably doing a bit more housework than before and definitely a lot more now since we stopped having a part-time nanny help out.

I agree with the apron recommendations - that or tucking my shirts in....or even better - hire someone else to do all the housework :)

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I never had problems with holes until Bush got in office. I blame him....:0)

(I am seriously kidding here)

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Oh so *that's* what the thousand points of lights must have been about....

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I KNOW what causes this. I have the same problem...and don't have any granite or a front load washer. I PROMISE you it's not a moth or a's not your washer...or your's just the rub against the metal of your belt or button.

Put one of your shirts with holes and the pants you normally wear and you will see that the little hole lines up with the metal it rubs against. It occurs at the point between your shirt and whatever piece of metal is on your it belt buckle or metal jeans button.

T-shirt fabric is much thinner these days and that accounts for how fast it happens. But the fact is that when you lean against any counter the fabric gets rubbed along that metal and it wears a hole.

All my thin t-shirts get these small holes eventually. Some appear after the first wear. It may also be that just natural contact with the metal rubs the fabric but if you are careful about leaning into countertops it will not be as bad. Or wear an apron when you are working against counters in the kitchen (or at work...try wearing an apron at work and start a trend...just kidding).

I wear a camisole under the tops I really want to protect...or tuck them in...and I'm more careful about leaning against countertops. That has helped immensely!

So there you go! Truly this is the cause. :)

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Whatever it is, I think it is a perfect excuse to go shopping.

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