My favorite ______ are...

SaltLife631September 11, 2013

I thought it would be a good idea to start a post which allowed us to highlight particular elements of GW'ers kitchens that have stood out to us both new and old. It would be fun to see elements that have stood out for a while and new ones that are just coming on to the scene, while also paying tribute to the creative souls of GW...I will go ahead and kick things off:

My favorite countertops are babushka_cat's.
My favorite pendant lights are alabamamommy's.
My favorite backsplash is pipdog's.
My favorite creative use of overall space is farmgirlinky's kitchen.
My favorite gluttons for punishment or repeat awesome kitchen offenders are mamadadapaige and katieob.
My favorite posting style is marcolo's dry wittiness, I find it very funny!

I will add some as we go please fell free to use some of the same elements as well as others you might want to add!

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OMG this is such a good idea, but it requires me to think a bit and start looking back at some of the AMAZING postings....

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My favorite is 2littlefishes' pullout papertowel holder - so much so I dug up the old thread and sent to my KD to model. I'm sure sure I have others favorites, but this one I didn't have to think about since I'm working on that right now.

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I also love this idea! But how do you guys keep track? I feel like all of the beautiful kitchens I see on GW all run together and I never would be able to remember who they belong to!

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My favorite Kitchens GWer is buehl, who has been here for years giving kind and generous advice to newbies, and keeping the info and instructions thread bumped onto page one for those of us who need it often. Thanks for all the help to so many over the years, buehl!

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My favorite tile suggester is EAM44 (keep 'em coming please and keep an eye out in the home decorating forum for an upcoming post/request for helpl, I'm starting to look for tile for the family room fireplace).

My favorite cook is trailrunner.

My favorite forums are home decorating and kitchen.

My favorite countertop is firsthouse_mp's, in her first house.

My favorite lighting fixture (oh this is bad) is my own Varaluz Fascination :)

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I haven't been here long, so I got to look up some of saltlife's favorites, thanks for thread!

My favorite runnels are breezygirl's in her walnut island
My favorite low cost, high value remodel is the house on Chick Road by raenjapan
My favorite outside-the-box idea is will2kz's blind corner rollout china cabinet.
My favorite "yes I read the whole thing" thread is parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of rocks in the kitchen.
My favorite post ever was one I can't find - I think by sparklingwater - in response to someone who was overwhelmed by choices and needed a soap dispenser, g/d, and other things asap and was given fast, kind, linked answers which helped her (and me) tremendously.

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Holly- Kay

My favorite pendants: NYCBlueDevil's beehive pendants.
My favorite tile: Oldbat's beautiful tile
My favorite banquette: 2littlefishies (love, love, love it)
My favorite granite: Bowyer's
My favorite sink: Poohpup's
My favorite white kitchen: Linelle's
My favorite glass front cabinet: A2Gemini's
My favorite faucet: My American Bronze WS

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I'm far too new here to have seen many kitchens let alone remember which is whose, but the second I read this thread I thought of "my favorite unexpected element" which would be will2kz's hidden walk-in pantry. The kid in me loves secret rooms. I need one!

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Favorite backsplash:pipdog
Favorite white resurfaced kitchen:linelle
Favorite yellow kitchen:2littlefishes
Favorite kitchen using Grazia Rixi tiles: a2gemini (and mine)
Favorite person to look to for solid advise: Pal
Favorite small kitchen:Willtv

I miss Boxerpups who always had a wealth of info and pictures to go along with it when anyone needed a visual.

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I've seen so many beautiful kitchens here but one that stands out for me is Sixtyohno's....mainly because I'm not into the color green that much but her granite is to die for! Just love her kitchen! There was another kitchen a while back that had a beautiful sky blue granite..can't remember who. But yes, hard to remember and keep track of all the pretties, and great and innovative ideas. I just love seeing all the different kitchens everyone creates as well as the rooms and homes on the Home Dec forum. Just wish I had 1/10th the talent of many on here!

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Favorite small kitchen and best use of space: brooklyngalley

Favorite kitchen overall: motherof3sons

Kitchen I've enjoyed the most to watch coming together: 2littlefishies, and deedles, up next!

I appreciate ALL the kitchen designers here who don't have to give out their advice for free, but do it anyway, Oldryder and srosen for their expert countertop advice, along with karin the geologist, and everyone who takes a moment to help out others by giving their opinion or sharing their experience.

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I think joaniepoanie may be referring to cloudswift's kitchen. I love that kitchen too. It took a while to come to me.

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My favorite DIYer is sayde's DH, although CEFreeman also has my very great respect

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My fav stove is Deedles. A real, nice vintage range. And I LOVE Chambers stoves, the features were pretty cool and that color is awesome.

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Wow - so many wonderful kitchens to process - I will have to give some thought - but in the meantime
I have to second or maybe third - favorite baker - Trailrunner!
So many favorite kitchens - 2Fishies, Badgergal, SixtyOhno (it just is so soothing)and of course Poohpup as we started the same day (and she finished early) - and then there is Breezy and Bees as well - and many more. Wait - love NYC BlueDevil - even though it is small - it is a great kitchen...
Favorite faucet - Poohpup and now a few others
Favorite sink - also goes to Pooh
Most inspirational - Lavenderlass who has gone through so much with her DH and still working on her final plans
Favorite kitchens to follow - Deedles and 2Fishies
Favorite DIY - I am drawing a blank on the recent DIY which was amazing...
Favorite Photoshopper - OldBat!
Favorite bargain hunter - Freeman
Favorite organized drawers - grumpy Dave and beaglesdoit better

Also - thank you Holly-Kaye and Ellendi for the compliments - my kitchen is so modest compared to most on the forum and receiving recognition is so exciting!

Now - I have to think through some others - so many of you guided me along the way. - so will be updating when I have a bit more time (favorite counter, etc)

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Second shout-out to bargain hunter and first favorite DIY-ER - CEFreeman
Honest opinon and ascerbic comment - Hollysprings
Favorite window bumpout - 2littlefishies (oh, sigh)
Favorite herringbone backsplash -- annsch

Love this thread!

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I miss Boxerpups too... And her cache of perfect photos.
She posted several of my favorites, but I didn't realize it until I could no longer view them!

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Where is Boxerpups now the name is familar from years back? I also do not know how you all remember such details. My head swims! Hats off to all of you. If I had to pick a fav kitchen at off all I have seen here though I would say Bee's . So hard to pick though but it was the first that came to mind. I also want to thank Bill Vincent he was such a help to me when I was picking out my kitchen stuff nice years ago . Wow time flies. He helped me fall in love even more if that was possible with Blue Pearl. He is also a fellow Pearl lover:)

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I miss Boxerpups and Marcolo, too.

Favorite wallpaper: mamadadapaige's pantry
Favorite kitchens with stained/natural wood cabinets: Sayde's gumwood and farmgirlinky's
Granite:sixtyohno's rainforest. Gorgeous. Still drool over that.
Favorite phrase of a GW poster:
Lavender Lass--- "What if you...."
Favorite images on GW kitchens: inside shots of peoples drawers and cabinets/pantries.
Favorite idea from GW that I never would have figured out on my own: ALL DRAWERS!

It's not fair though 'cause there are so many things over the past couple years that have helped/inspired/taught that it feels like people/things that should be mentioned aren't.

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So hard to choose! There are so many thing to like in other peoples spaces even if they wouldn't be a good fit for my own.

I have been a long time lurker and learned so much from the advice/opinions offered. There is so much creativity offered on this site it's mind boggling.

Some of my favorites (there are so many):
My favorite backsplashes: oldbat, mpagmom, grlwprls

Threads in general - backsplash photoshop frenzies - love'm all!

islands: I have to second or third breezy's walnut island top.

DIY/crafty skills: CEfreeman and AngieDIY and bellsmom

wit: CEfreeman, marcolo, beekeeperswife

inspiration pics: lavendarlass and boxerpups (where did boxerpups go)?

beforeandafter: oldbat - love the flow of your home and your view from the kitchen window - lovely

painted kitchens (other than white): michelle16, fishies

kitchen office 'nook': nini804

pets: babushka cat's matching counter top kitty and pipdog

I'm with deedles - drawer and pantry pictures!

PHew - I know there are more I have clipped - marmoreus, babs711...

Fun thread.

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