Omega Cabinetry

yorkie_galSeptember 7, 2010

Any experience with Omega Cabinets, good or bad?

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All Good!

I have Omega and my cabinets are wonderful! I have stained & glazed cherry.

I have a mixture of Dynasty/Embassy (semi-custom) and Omega Custom and they are all very, very nice. That's one of the great things about Omega...since most doors & finishes are in both lines, you can order semi-custom for most cabinets and just get Custom where needed.

Their customer service is also KD's company gave me a hard time about mis-ordered shelves (incorrect 3 times!!)...they told me they wouldn't re-order them even though they were the ones who made the mistake every time. I called Omega directly and they told me not to worry about it, that they would contact my KD's company themselves and get it straightened out...lo and behold! A couple of weeks later the shelves arrived...and ordered correctly! Omega was so wonderful to work with!

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My kitchen is 100% omega custom as are my baths and I have no complaints and only compliments to share. My design was very complicated, resulting in a couple of cabinets being made more than once (Kd error IMO). They remade them on a rush each time. I also had another installed wrong by a contractor and not only did they correct that with a new cab but they worked with the granite company to ensure the changeout would go smoothly. They were well worth every dime!!

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My mom got Omega installed a year ago. They are wonderful in every way!

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Thank You you guys. My Cabinets could be furnished by a number of companies I think, not a complicated Galley, but I do want a quality cabinetry, especially seeings its a open concept home and they will be seen from the Great Room.

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I CANNOT say enough good things about Omega! LUV LUV LUV my cabinets! They are worth every penny (okay, Igloo, yes, every dime :) )

I was concerned that the white painted maple wouldn't hold up to 5 teenagers, but I have been proven quite wrong.

Good luck!

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Originally I wanted light maple cabinets but didn't like how the Omega maple looked in a model kitchen. We went with a light oak which has a more uniform color. We picked shaker style.

The cabinets look good and work well and feel very solid. I picked lower quality (another company)for bathroom & basement and you can definitely tell the difference. The lower quality seems ok for less used cabinets. Kitchen cabinets take a beating in our house and the Omega cabinets are handling it.

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So glad to hear the positive comments on Omega. My Omega/Dynasty cabinets are sitting in my garage and should start to be installed any day now. They look so nice just sitting there - I can hardly wait to see them up! The quality seems outstanding.

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lagrant, I'm looking @ Omega right now, painted maple. Would you be kind enough to post a few pics please? I would love to see them!
Thank you!

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