Will This Hood Liner Work with my Range?

taffersSeptember 9, 2013

We bought the KitchenAid 36" Rangetop (KGCU467VSS). Our cabinet maker is going to make a wood surround for the hood so we need a hood liner/insert.

Will this one work? Is there anything else I need to buy? It will vent out through the roof, as it is on an interior wall.


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I'm putting a Kobe 42" 1200 cfm hood over my 36" KA rangetop. I find it aesthetically more appealing, and the capture area is certainly better, when the hood is wider than the rangetop. You should go at least 42" and 48" wouldn't be too much. At 1200 cfm you need make up air, if you follow code.
The prices and specs on yours are good - I've never heard of the rangehoodstore but that doesn't mean much.

You may be interested in seeing mine installed - we went deeper on those cabinets with drawers that are also deeper and taller and I'm very happy because I can fit 2 rows of large pots in each drawer and the rangetop doesn't stick out into my aisle.

Here is the store display, note how the rangetop sticks out nearly 4"

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If getting a hood from that site I would get the larger size TRHS127-40. A 42" hood is more than sufficient. Go at least 24" deep.

Most cold regions of the country have make up air building codes. Here in Los Angeles we have none. I have a 1400 cfm hood without makeup air. No gas chimney or water boiler inside the house either. You should ask your GC or HVAC specialist about local make up air regulations.

If you do have local MUA codes not very expensive Best Hoods has an inexpensive MUA solution.

Most of the specs look good on that therangehoodstore.com insert.

Most mid-priced upper-mid priced hoods use 18 gauge 304 SS. This uses a slightly thinner 19 gauge but 430 SS. A bit more likely to rust and slightly darker than most mid to high end SS appliances.

The site does not say where the hoods are made so that likely means China.

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I used a Imperial Range Hood insert 42" with twin vents - it has two exhausts and 1100 cfm. I like the baffles which it looks like you have chosen.

Imperial C2000PS1-TWB Range Hood Insert w/ Baffle Filters 1100 CFM. This insert is 22" deep.


I would go with a 42" + as others have suggested when going with a more powerful range top.

You can see the enclosure I built in the attached link of my kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Reveal

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Sarah Mattix

Did you put counter behind the cooktop or is it touching the wall?

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