Hood - anyone have a Kobe hood?

a2geminiSeptember 7, 2013

OK - I didn't know anything when I ordered my appliances and hood - except that our area was strictly enforcing the MUA rules of 400.
Our house is about 25 years old, so not as tight as many houses.
I hate our Broan range hood - it is a 350 but does boost to 450(installed after the inspection...)
It has one fan on the left side and our giant burner is on the back right. I didn't realize it only had one fan until after it was installed.
I am thinking of replacing our current vent with http://www.koberangehoods.com/product/CH-122U-SQB.html
We have to use a rear exhaust and found this Kobe - which can vent to the rear - anyone have a similar model - this is the new model with LED lights instead of Halogen - it has 2 fans and baffles.

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We have a chx191 series 30 inch and are very happy with it. Looks like the new ones have 6 speeds vs our 3 (which is plenty for us, the top rating only went up a little), and it now vents top or back (I settled for top only, looks like I should have held out!).

They are quiet, stylish, and have a good CFM rating at a decent price. I would go for it if you like that model.

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I love my Kobe CH191 hood. Similar curved design to the 122, which prevents lacerations if someone tall runs into it. Very powerful and quiet, even though the duct has a couple turns and several feet. I rarely run mine on high. LED lights would be a plus - I'm going to switch out my halogens. Easy to clean. Very responsive customer service. The one you're looking at has the controls recessed, which would be good. My controls are just flat on the bottom of the front, and I always put my fingers on the front of the hood for leverage, so I always have fingerprints to clean off. This new design would avoid that problem.

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