Help please, I am struggling with oven cab size

ontariomomSeptember 14, 2013

Hi everyone,

We just met with a cabinet maker that uses Kitchen Craft line. We are using an Elux wave wall oven and a Gaggenau combi-steam oven. Both ovens are to be installed side by side. We had planned on a 30 inch frameless cabinet for the Elux Wave oven and a 27 inch frameless cabinet for the 27 older Gaggenau combi-steam (model number ED 231-610). We had allowed for a one inch filler in between the ovens.

The cabinet maker told us he would recommend a 33 inch cabinet for the 30 inch Elux oven and 30 cabinet for the 27 inch Gaggenau steam oven. Problem is we don't have the extra inches to spare.

I realize from reading older posts that we should be okay with a 30 inch Elux installed in a 30 inch frameless cabinet, but wondered about the 27 inch Gaggenau given it was designed for a European market so may not correspond with North American cabinet sizes. The manuals of these ovens do not specify what minimum size cabinets are needed.

Are there any owners of the Gaggenau Combi steam 27 inch that can weigh in on the width of cabinet needed. What about the Elux Wave oven?

Here is a rough idea of the oven wall elevation.

Thanks in advance!


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The install instructions for the Elux oven say minimum cabinet width is 30-1/8".

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The 27" combi has been discontinued. So if you ever have to replace it you will have to choose a 24" or a 30" (same cavity size inside). If you replace it with the 24", you have a gap on each side.

So I would definitely put the combi in a 30" cabinet rather than 27".

My 27" combi was in a 27" cabinet. You will need to find the specs because your cabinetmaker needs to know the cutout size not just the cabinet size.

Too bad you can't stack these ovens somewhere.

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Hi sjhockeyfan and thanks. Yes I read that 30 1/8 inch spec too. However, I also found an older GW thread whose posters maintained that it did not change the fact that it can go in a 30 inch oven cabinet. I can't remember why we were to not not worry about the extra 1/8 of an inch. I will have to reread to be sure.

Thanks red_lover for your help. Was your older 27 inch combi steam a Gaggenau too? Our combi steam was a heavily discounted older scratch and dent oven. I can't say we would be able to replace it when it dies. We would have to look at other steam oven brands and the smaller the better. Also, we are running out of inches and I just don't think we have the extra 3 inches to spare with the two big windows on that wall, but we will see what we can work out as you bring up an important point. We did try to find somewhere to stack the ovens, but the only spot we could find was too far out of the way. However, I love the glass cabinet as a centre focal point that we will have so, I am content with the ovens below that.

BTW, we do have the manual and there are some specs in there, but it does not say the minimum cabinet size. I will check for the cut-out size spec. We have measured the main part of the oven which appears to be just over 25 inches (likely the cut-out dimension DH reckons).


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