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thew60September 7, 2013

I am updating my kitchen with existing cabinets. Adding granite counters. "D" sink and new appliances.
I have been doing a lot of research of what faucet to get narrowing it down to the Kohler Cruette and Moen Arbor.

I just realized today that I did not take into account a key factor... that this faucet has to mount on the counter UNDER the wall cabinets above. They are all 16 inches no increase over the sink.

This now completely rules out the Cruette or many of the Kohlers for that matter as they are 16 3/4 tall (REALLY?!?!?!?)

The Moen Arbor is 15 1/2 tall.

Will that look to cramped under the cabinet? Am I now limited to a pull OUT model (i.e. Ladylux 3 at 14.1) or the Kohler Forte??

I do not like the pull OUT models.

What are your opinions/ suggestions??

As always, thanks in advance for all constructive posts:)

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16" is less than standard clearance. 18" is standard. I've got a pulldown faucet in my showroom with 18" clearance, but there's only about 2" clearance. It wouldn't work with only 16".

You're going to have to raise the cabinet above the sink, shorten it, or choose a shorter faucet like a pull out.

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Wow, I appreciate your post. When I had the kitchen redone about 14 years ago, they had to lay a pretty thick mud job to level the floor between the kitchen and adjoining center hallway. The cabinets were installed ON TOP of the floor hence the 16" clearance, not 18".

I never would have thought this would have come to bite me in the rear now. I may gain 1/4 inch by removing the solid surface and installing granite but that will not do the trick.

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Maybe there is a prep version of a faucet that you like, these usually are shorter in height and won't look squished under your cabinets.

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Danze Sonora 14.75"
Grohe Ladylux Café 13.5"
Kraus KPF 2121 SD20
Hansgrohe Allegro E 04297 13.125"

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palimpset, thanks for the models. We are looking for an ORB finish and Grohe and Danze do not come in styles we like in that finish.

That being said, how "off" or "silly" would a bar/ prep faucet look as a main faucet. i.e. Moen has prep versions of its Arbor and Brantford models in prep.

ARBOR regular 15 1/2 tall, 7 7/8 spout reach
ARBOR PREP 14 3/8 tall with 6 9/16 spout reach

Mounted in the corner for a "D" sink will this look absurd?

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I'm kind of in this dilemma and have been considering posting for ideas. I'm going to have uppers above the sink and although I'll have 18", I'm not sure if it will look strange to have a tall gooseneck there.

Unlike you, though, I'm open to a pullout if it has the right look.

I'm looking for both low profile pulldowns and tallish pullouts. I actually think it is possible that a pullout has an advantage as the reach might be less to get to the faucet. I'm also -considering- touch activation for that reason. I'm a little concerned about the reach to the back of the counter under those upper cabinets...

My partner has also offered to modify the uppers so they are less deep over the sink if we end up feeling the uppers are really in our face. If I had any other layout, I'd bump the cabinet up over the sink or get rid of a cabinet there altogether. But, I have this backsplash window I am trying to learn to play nice with...

Maybe this thread can become a place for us to post possibilities for both of us - and future folks in this dilemma.

I'm not sure how a prep faucet would function as a main faucet. My gut says not so well?

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Something else to throw out there. My concern for the pullout faucet, made by Grohe, Moen and others, is that a pullout is much more susceptible to breaking because of it's horizontal situation as opposed to a pill down. Maybe some of you folks out there can give me some reassurance about the functionality, and reliability, of the pull out variety Some of the pullouts are very pretty.

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I have the Moen Brantford in both regular and prep size. While the prep faucet is attractive and would work well with a 16" clearance, I wouldn't like it as much as the big one as a main faucet. It's absolutely fine for what we need it for, but its "reflex" action is not as smooth as the big one, it lacks the spray lock and pause functions, and its spray is not as strong as the big faucet's. Its head is smaller too (though I don't think that would matter much). I am very happy with my faucet choices, but in this particular case the prep faucet is not exactly a smaller edition of the main one, except in looks. I don't know about the Arbor, but since it's another Moen I would suspect that it would be the same.

I agree with you about pull-downs; I liked them better (functionally) than pull-outs when I was faucet shopping.

p.s. My cabinet hardware is graphite (dark gray), my sinks and range are stainless, and my faucets are shiny chrome. It all looks fine together, at least in my quasi-old-fashioned kitchen. Just a thought in case you can't find what you need in ORB.

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I currently have the very cheapest moen pullout, HD-only model, which means as junky as they come. I've had it 7 years and it's totally fine.

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OK folks, stay with me. I have dome some homework to see what will work here.

The Moen Arbor has a pullout at 12 1/8 tall
Grohe Ladylux cafe at 13.5"
Grohe Bridgeford at 14 1/8 (a pull down and comes in ORB as well)

What are your experiences with the Grohe's ?? and specifically the above models.

Thanks again!!

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