Does 2 cm Granite need a plywood base?

jerzeegirlSeptember 24, 2012

My DH went to the granite yard and fell in love with a brushed Kashmir white granite that is 2 cm thick. If I remember correctly 2 cm granite needs a plywood base.

Does anyone install 2 cm granite without the plywood base?

If you use a plywood base, wouldn't it show from the front?

Can you disguise it the plywood base without doing a built up edge or is a built up edge a necessity?

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Hi jerzeegirl, I'm in the SF Bay Area and stone counters here are 2 cm installed on a 5/8" plywood base. They build up the edge so that the plywood can't be seen. Here's the edge on my peninsula (Caesarstone):

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That looks very nice linelle. I love that it's an eased edge, which I prefer.

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Thanks. I prefer an eased edge too, and the price is right.

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We were considering a 2 cm granite for a while. I was going to cover the plywood edge with a small piece of molding. The built-up edge looks great, but adds a lot of cost. The molding (5/8" cove) was cheap.

We finally found a 3 cm that we liked, so I won't be using the molding after all.

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I am also from the SF Bay Area where 2 cm is the norm. A plywood base is put down first but like linelle said, with the laminated edge you can't see it (unless you lay on the floor and look under your overhang).
There is an additional cost to the edge but 2 cm granite typically costs less than 3 cm granite so it probably comes out even or to your favor.
The 2 cm granite's edge is 4 cm since it is doubled. If you google laminated granite edges you'll see the many options you have.

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You can do it without a built up edge by putting a bit of molding that matches the cabinet material on the edge of the plywood. I have two friends who did 2 cm without a built up edge. One put a simple molding strip on the edge of the plywood. One left it bare - as a visitor, I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been checking to decide what to do in our kitchen. The overhang of the granite hides the edge if you don't put your head down to look. But leaving the plywood edge bare and knowing it was there would bother me.

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Can someone post pictures of built up edges with molding other than the granite?

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typically 2CM material has a built up edge. a quality shop will also offer the option of building up the sink cutout(s) so the thin material is not exposed at the sink.

if you like an eased edge and have straight edges (you can't do a mitre on an arc) a mitered drop edge can look far superior to a laminated edge as the grain of the stone can be made to look like it rolls over the edge if the fabricator has the appropriate expertise.

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The underlayment can be recessed into the cabinet tops. This way you don't need a built up edge, if you prefer the look of 2cm.

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We have 2cm granite in our current kitchen. We do not have a plywood base or built up edge. At the time, we preferred the look of the 2cm. It has been 9 1/2 years and no problems. Not the most exciting or up-to-date kitchen, but maybe it will be a helpful visual.

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There are a lot of houses around me (east coast) with 2cm and no base or build up.

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This is the 2cm quartz that my builder put in. I requested a laminate 1.5'' edge but they messed up and now you can see what I think is the plywood base. What type of molding would you but in to cover the plywood??

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Rachiele, LLC

My upstairs kitchen has 2cm granite with no plywood, nor any tops built on the cabinets. I have stood on the counter. I think is is perfectly fine. That being said, I am not a granite expert and know that some forms of granite are very prone to cracking. Uba Tuba is one that I have had some experience with and it is very easy to crack.

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I am using 2cm without a built up edge. Our cabinet makers built hard tops into the cabinets, rather than laying a separate sheet of plywood on top. Templating is on Monday - woo hoo!

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I am a fabricator. You do not need the plywood for structural reasons. Its there nornally to provide a spacer so a drop laminate edge doesnt interfere with drawers or cabinet doors on std. Dimensioned cabinetry.

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