Why Doesn't Blanco Make a Silgranit Apron Front Sink

shannonplus2September 11, 2011

My good friend has the Silgranit Blanco Diamond Super Single - that's the really big one. She has the anthracite color. I have sink envy! Our mutual friend is re-doing her kitchen, and she too has sink envy, having been over a bunch of times and seen how easy-care our friend's Silgranit is. But she wants an apron front sink. She's said she doesn't want fireclay, and she doesn't want stainless. So now it looks like she will have to make a choice between Silgranit or an Apron Front. She can't have both. I am wondering if anyone here knows why Blanco doesn't make an apron front, which is so popular, or if they have any plans in the future to do so?

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The difficulties with the manufacture and safe storage of an apron sink in Silgranit (which can crack in storage and transport), vs. in cast iron (which would NOT crack), probably make this uneconomical. The front flap of the apron sink might be especially fragile, I would expect it to be, because of the full bend around the edge, and the hanging part.

Also, demand for these sinks is probably lower, Silgranit is not the right material for this shape.

Just a guess.

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I have no idea why they don't, but I sure wish they would add a farm sink to their silgranit line. I've wondered the same thing for over a year.

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I have actually wondered the same thing...I suspect it is just that they aren't convinced there is a big enough market, though they might be wrong about that.

Your friend does have some options other than fireclay and stainless. There are lots of copper farmhouse sinks, and I have also seen them made from concrete, teak wood (see William Garvey in the UK), bamboo (see Lenova and Alfi), and a number of natural stones including granite, slate, marble and soapstone. Depending on her counter choice, one of those could work.

Finally...Mitrani at least used to make farmhouse sinks made from quartz composite. They only came in white, though, and they seem to have been discontinued (though some online retailers look like they have them in stock). There are some previous threads about these sinks, and there are some members who own them and seem to be happy. See, for example, Shelayne's post with pic in the linked thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread discussing quartz farmhouse sink

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