Kitchen Design Almost complete- Feedback?

lniaSeptember 26, 2012


I think we have finally figured out our kitchen design! After months of struggling to make a decision, we did go with an angled pantry as well as a 48 inch range. No double oven. THought about the sink at the island but opted against it (I know this is a big no-no from you experts! :-). Anyway, few things that were important to me were to give the illusion of symmetry on the range wall. This is why we went with the 36 inch cabinets, but 42 inch tall on the corners. I know staggered may not be popular anymore, but whenever I saw the design with just straight cabinets across, I lost the symmetry look I was going for. Not sure how else I would have been able to create it.

One other question I had was for the end point of the island. I always thought the end of the island should align with the ends of the cabinets in the kitchen. My design lines up with neither end. Is this important aesthetically or truly a non-consideration?

I will probably add trash cabinet (replacing cabinet 15 with 1 trash and 1 smaller cabinet.

I am also considering replacing cabinets 40 and 35 with one 42 inch Pullout cabinet facing the range to give me additional pot and pan storage.

I am also creating island seating on the long side of the fridge. I have the walking space to do so and some people have told me they love this secondary space for the kids to sit and have quick snacks/meals.

In regards to the fridge, I originally had standard size fridge with pull out cabinetry to the right (if you are facing fridge). I then thought I didn't need the additional cabinet space and changed to 42 inch built in fridge but now I don't think I like all the wall space (certainly don't like the expense of the fridge).

Any and all feedback would be appreciated! Many thanks!

Below is the design. Few thing

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