Anyone have / seen / heard of jade backsplash tile?

nomorebluekitchenSeptember 9, 2008

I went looking for onyx today for my backsplash today and I think it is too bold. It was gorgeous coloring and everything, but I think I might tire of its intensity if that makes any sense.

While there I found this jade which has a similar feel but is less intense for lack of a better word. It has this cool blue/grey/green feel which looks great with my Minas soapstone and gorgeous with stainless.

Let me know what you think.

I wouldn't use the 1x1; that is just the board they let me check out. Not sure yet on size or pattern, but they have all sorts of sizes (1x2, hex, 1x1, etc.)

To recap, here are my selections so far:


Faucet (this or similar):

Cabinet (dewils shaker cherry) and soapstone (Minas from Dorado) with the jade backsplash (shown in 1x1 though I'd use other sizes / shapes)


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Never heard of "jade" per se, tile, but it just so happens I have a son who loves to carve soapstone, and he's got some soapstone that looks so close to light jade (just like the tile in the picture) that I thought it was!

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It is also called ming green marble.

I have been on the hunt for that tile in a 3 x 6 honed or tumbled. I can only find the subways in polished, I know Ann Sachs also has a ming green that is VERY green. I like the more varied look like the pic.

I am also doing soapstone. I think it will be a great combo!

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Interesting that it is also known as ming green. FYI, I did find 2x4 tumbled if that helps. Here is the link.


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I for one ADORE it. I love the cool soft color against the richness of your cab and the earthiness of the soapstone. DANG! Now I have yet another backsplash choice I'll have to bookmark! I'm gonna need 3 kitchens to incorporate a little of all the materials I'm falling in love with! Hmmm.... maybe a place in one of the bathrooms for that....

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Love, love, love it. But then I'm a cool colors gal. Think the combo will be spectacular. What faucet is that you pictured? Love that, too.

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

Really pretty! Very nice!

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Nomoreblue: Thanks for the link...Looks like a contender! The tile store that I was at today had many different sizes of the ming green...what exactly are you looking for? I can call and ask them who the supplier is, so you can check their product out. By the way I think your choices are spot on!

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Agreed. That is very, very nice. I've seen that tile/stone before. While it wouldn't go in our kitchen it may very well go in our master bath.

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I don't know yet what size I'm going to use. I love the 2x4 mini bricks, and I also long the elongated (like 2x8) subway look. I need to start looking at the finished backsplashes board and my kitchen mags for layout ideas. But even so, I'd love to know your store's supplier.


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I am also intrigued by the jade backsplash tile. I will have a soapstone countertop with hints of green. Any other information or pictures would be appreciated! I am looking for a focal point idea above my kitchen sink.

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BEEEEEEEEEEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL!!! I'm NOT a cool colors kind of gal but that is just stunning, definitely one of my favorite backsplash tiles so far!

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Thanks for the feedback! the good news is that I love it, DH loves it, and it is something we can afford.

Now I just need to decide pattern / shape. I'll be back looking for advice when I get that far!

Sankaty, I don't have any other pictures but I got the sample board at Sunderland Tile and Stone. They gave me a brochure from Westminster Ceramics to show sizes, and it shows 2" square, 1" square, 3/4", 1x2 bricks, octagon, hex, and harlequin as the sizes and shapes. I've seen online 2x4 bricks also.

As noted above, it appears that jade is the same as / also known as / very similar to ming green marble. The Ann Sacks ming green is very green, whereas this jade sample i have has just very soft hints of green. It is a greyish blue kind of green if that makes sense.


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i love it!!!!! i think it is both modern yet classic at the same time!!!!!!! great color and will be perfect with your soapstone and darker cabinets. can't wait to see pics!

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I absolutely love it! Im a big fan of jade and would love to have a green backsplash but was afraid to make a commitment to something too green. This seems perfect. It just gives the hint of green hues while still being pretty neutral. I will be bookmarking this one :)

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So pretty...the backsplash tile that sung to me (and my kitchen) was pistacio 1" x 3/8" mini bricks. Unfortunately it was beyond our budget and DH needed white (party pooper!). It looked quite similar to your sample, but with less variation.

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The faucet shown above is the Hansgrohe Talis high arc spray pull out. This should link to it:


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