Help appreciated - details added to kitchen layout in OP

drhomeideasSeptember 4, 2013

Thank you for all the comments to my original post. Here is an attempt at a layout. Is this close to a functional layout? What should be moved to make it more functional?
The sink run will not have upper cabinets so I am thinking of storing glasses in a drawer next to the dishwasher with plates in a drawer on the island. One cook w/clean up help. 3 adults, 1 child who likes to bake. Some entertaining not a lot. Breakfast/lunches at island w/nightly dinner in the dining room.

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Can you link to your former thread? That will help people catch up.

The first thing I notice is that there is no way you'll fit 4 stools in the space you have allotted. There is no room for legs with the way it is currently laid out.

I also think that I would want the prep sink in the corner closer to fridge. This is a trade-off though, and very individual in preference. I would want some prep space directly across from my range, but getting it requires removing the prime landing space for the fridge. It's a tough choice. 48" aisles are plenty for 2 cooks and even opening fridges (I have 48" in front of my fridge and a person can get buy while another has the doors open and is standing there) so maybe mess around with giving yourself a few extra inches on the island. This might help with the seating issue as well.

I'd also want trash near the prep sink. The MW drawer should probably move down toward the seating end, or it could perhaps be installed as part of the appliance garage cabinet.

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controlfreakecs thank you for your comments. There is space to make the island longer. Would adding 12" to the length and widen by 6" provide enough knee space for the two seats on the side? 54 x 108 island

Not able to link to original post title Kitchen layout help need...

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You'll need to draw it out with the exact island measurements. Each diner at the island needs a minimum of 24 of width and 15" of depth for legs. Right now, you have 2 people each sharing a 24" square, from what I can tell. The legs will get all tangled up under the counter.

Are your aisle's measured counter to counter or cabinet to cabinet? Remember that counter depth is typically 1.5 inches more than the 24" cabinet depth.

You should be able to copy the html code from your past thread and insert it into the boxes below where it says "optional Link URL." Then name it "former thread" in the Name of the link box.

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Thank you controlfreakecs. Measurements are counter to counter.

Here is a link that might be useful: former thread

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A couple of things...

  1. Are you measuring the aisles cabinet-to-cabinet or counter edge-to-counter edge?

    Counters extend out past cabinet boxes by approx 1.5". Cabinet boxes are 24" deep (doors add an extra inch or so and then the counters extend another 0.5" past the doors).

    If so, your aisles are around 3" narrower than you show

Is your refrigerator a standard counter-depth refrigerator?

If so, be aware that "counter-depth" refers to the depth of the refrigerator carcass/box and they are generally 24" to 26". then, the doors add another 6" or so. So, in reality, most counter-depth refrigerators are actually 29" to 31" deep.

Note that this is required to allow the refrigerator door(s) to open fully. The doors must be clear of all obstructions on the sides. If the refrigerator is against a wall, then you usually need 12" cabinet (or filler) b/w the wall and refrigerator (I recommend a 12" tall pantry or utility pullout in these cases.)

Built-in refrigerators are designed so they are approx 25" or so deep, including doors - but the doors are designed to be able to be opened with this installation. They are also usually taller and more expensive.

This will also affect your aisle width.

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Cross posted. So, you are measuring your aisles counter edge-to-counter edge.

What about the refrigerator depth?

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I would keep the microwave where it is or flip it and the prep sink so it is easily accessible to the actual cooking area. I am constantly melting butter, softening cream cheese, etc. when I cook/bake.
Also, why not consider adding a round table to the island so you can seat more people? This is easily done with granite, marble, quartz or any solid surface countertop. There would be a seam, but if properly installed, this would not be visible or at least minimally so. To avoid the seam, you could raise the seating area for stools or lower it for chairs. If you started at the end of the cabinets, went out at an angle to 1' or so within the 2' you are already showing, then continued on around into a round table about 3' out from the existing 2' overhang you are showing, and back on the other side, it would not impede either your dining room with the 6' cased opening or the back door. This would allow about seating for 5. It would be great for entertaining or just casual dining by the family. You could use one large post in the middle of the round table to hold the weight, whereby allowing necessary leg space. It would be attached at the cabinets at the other end. One way to ensure this option would work is to go to an appliance store, get one of their boxes, cut it to size, then place it where it would go. Walk around that for a few days and see how you like it. (I can't rememeber or know how to go back to the post to see if this is a remodel or a new construction, so I am basing this on a remodel).
If you don't like the round table, you can do a rectangular one like the photo attached shows. Imagine this in your countertop if you don't like the modern look.

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Based on "counting boxes" in your layout, it looks like the measurements are:

12'9" long sink wall (this one was labeled as well)
13'0" long refrigerator wall (this one was labeled as well)
16'9" long cooktop wall (including doorway, etc.) (no label)

Are these correct?

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buehl measurements are correct and the refrigerator is 30 1/8 w/handles.

RoRo - I like your suggestions. Thank you.

So I will move the prep sink to the corner by the refrigerator. I do not currently have a microwave so it is hard to figure the best placement. It will be mostly used for re-heating dinner, water for tea so my thinking was facing the refrigerator. But will reconsider.

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Here is one layout I came up with using a lot of yours. There are two versions. Layout #1 uses standard cabinets. Layout #2 uses some custom cabinets. Note that some cabinet lines offer both semi-custom and custom lines that have the same doors/wood/finishes so you can mix semi-custom with custom cabinets to bring the overall price down. You pay for semi-custom wherever you can and only pay for custom for those cabinets that require it. [E.g., Omega Dynasty (semi-custom) + Omega Custom cabinets]

Layout #1:

Layout #2

Click on a layout to see a larger version.

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Buehl thank you so much for taking the time. I would have never have thought of a small T shape island. It looks wonderful.

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