Installing undermount sink so that it can be removed

attofaradSeptember 2, 2012

Cross posted from plumbing, where is got no response:

I'm putting a couple of Blanco Silgranit sinks under granite for my new kitchen. I would like to install them in a manner such that they could be replaced in the even of a crack or other catastophe, without removing or damaging the granite countertops.

I would perhaps use a Sink Setter or something similar, but the Cascade sink curves. My fabricator isn't eager to drill into the 2cm granite for clips, and there isn't room in front for clips anyway. This sink, full of water and with a garbage disposer hanging on it, will weigh over 200 pounds.

So, any suggestions for installing in a way that allows it to be removed/replaced from underneath?


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The first thing is that your sink cabinet has to be large enough. If you're putting a 33" sink n a 33" cabinet, that won't work. Sink clips are the standard to be able to remove a sink later. I'm in a 3 cm granite area, which has no problem with sink clips installed into (and epoxied) the granite. 2cm granite requires a plywood subtop, and the sink clips would be attached to it, not the granite itself, possibly with some wood reinforcement.

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I have enough width (32" sink overall width in 34.5" of cabinet), but the front of the sink lip will pretty much be against the back of the face frame -- about 3/8" behind it. So there isn't really room to screw a typical clip into the plywood at that point.

In the back of the sink, I could screw clips to the plywood.
Are screws into plywood going to be adequate for this fairly heavy sink setup?

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Could you build a frame inside the cabinet to hold the sink?

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