Need help with a 10x20 Galley Kitchen Design

redphoenix2k1September 1, 2014

Hello how is everyone? This is my first post here but I am not a stranger to Garden Web!

We moved into this house last year and we have been tired of the kitchen from day 1. The kitchen from an outside view looks OK. However the cabinet bases are broken inside and original (early 80s). It has a Corian counter top however its warped with exposed plywood, etc. Also the "peninsula" was an after though and exposed 2x4s are distasteful.

Basically, the idea is to take the 10x20 area and start completely fresh. It has 8ft ceilings through out.

Here is what we do not like about this layout:
-No vented range hood
-Too many lower cabinets and not enough drawers instead
-Waste of area on the stove side
-Peninsula design is weak and awkward for 2 side by side
-no intermediate lower counter next to peninsula, hard for entertaining I think
-exposed fridge
-terrible sink
-lack of back splash
-shoe corner looks bad (our bad habit but we have no mud room)
-bad lighting
-exposed trash cans
-exposed animal stuff
-upper cabinets allow cats to jump up to top

What we do like about this setup:
-lots of counter space (although I feel we badly utilize it with the coffee junk and dish rack)
-lots of room
-large pantry in back

What I want to do:

-The appliances, although generic, are 1 year old (came with house) so I want to use these but hopefully upgrade soon after. The only one I may not mind upgrading immediately is the stove and going to a double oven with range top due to counter installation.
-The microwave I want hidden or at least semi-hidden in a cabinet.
-Shoe corner to become organized and hidden.. maybe integrate cat/dog food area there
-trash hidden. We also recycle but that is outside and is a pita.
-Keep a peninsula for entertainment but have 2+ bar stools and not have an awkward feel to it.
-Add a range vent. Attic is above the kitchen and plenty of room to do what I need to do.
-Semi-Hide fridge
-Maybe some glassed upper cabinets?
-Upper cabinets go to the ceiling.
-Better/modern lighting, no CFL tubes.

I am not opposed to moving stuff around. I thought about maybe doing a cook top by the peninsula. I want to keep the fridge where it is (wife says so...).

I attached some good rough dimensions and a link to the photo album.

I am an extremely handy mechanical engineer. I plan on doing nearly all of this myself. I am not a stranger to installation of kitchen cabinets, I am a stranger to getting the correct stuff for a good price.

What I am looking for is some design help on making the best of my area and any insight on some good places to buy what I need. I am after quality stuff. I would like to skip melamine/mdf as much as possible, but not opposed to it. I however do want finger joint or dove tail construction on the drawers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Gallery

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Kathy Rivera

I applaud all the detail you provided. That said, the measurements don't really make sense? What we really need is (for instance) - the entire length of the sink wall labeled in sections - length from peninsula to window, the window, length from window to window, second window, length from second window to corner. Does that make sense? And the pantry side - it doesn't say how long the pantry is, just that the door next to it is 41". We need both numbers. More specifics on numbers and not a general number for the whole wall.

You also need to think about changing the fridge placement. There is tons of room on the (current) stove wall for it and then you could come up with a handy way to store shoes/dog bowls.

And it the space actually 10' wide, or is that an estimate? Every inch counts in getting a good layout!!

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I took some better measurements.. see attached.

its really 117" wide as noted.

The reason for the fridge being over there is due to it feeling like a closed in space rather than open counters. But I am open for ideas honestly.


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Do you have a separate dining room?

The original design of this kitchen probably had a breakfast nook where the refrigerator is and the fridge next to the stove.

Do you want your new kitchen to have room for eating in? Or is the entire space you've drawn up for grabs?

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Why can't you get rid of the shoe clutter by putting a low shelf in that closet at the end of the room?

I know that open concept is all the rage these days, but I'd put up a wall on one half of that end that opens into the other room. With a wall there you could do an L shape along that one wall and do a straight run of cabinetry on the other.

Whether or not you need/want eating space in the space is the big question. We have a 10' by 30' foot kitchen with the last 10' devoted to a table and chairs.

I'm sorry, but to me it looks as though someone just went in and bought some cabinets and did a very random stick some here and stick some there kind of placement.

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