Please help with sink size

debrSeptember 3, 2012

Hi. Can someone please help me with what size sink to get. In my new kitchen, the sink base cabinet is 30 inches. I want to get a double bowl stainless sink and will undermount (granite counter tops). I am reading so many things about what size sink will/won't fit in the space. Can someone please clarify. Thanks!

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I believe the standard is 3" smaller than your sink base. For your 30" base that means a 27" sink which turns out to be an odd size. 25" sinks are frequently used in 30" bases. On the other hand, many people fiddle with their bases to make other sizes work. Check this thread from last year for some ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Max sink size

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Debr, this sink will work for you. It is also available with the bowls reversed. And available without the sink grids and strainers (although I recommend the sink grids !!). There is even an option for $100 more that comes with a faucet.

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I am not totally sure that the sink that fellow angela angela12345 posted will fit in a 30" base. It says it will, but they also list the exterior dimensions as 29.5". A 30" base may have as little as a 28.5" interior, depending on the wall thickness.

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If I have a 36" sink base - what size double sink would I purchase? I like the Galaxy site! Double bowls, different sizes. Nice!

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3boys, this is the sink that I have. I am almost positive I have it in a 36" sink base, even though it says min 39". LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E this sink !!!!!!!!!!

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Angela I love it! Am going to look for a 60/40 split. Thanks!

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>they also list the exterior dimensions as 29.5"

That's the total width including the rim. The bowl exterior dimension is 27.5, so it should fit in most 30" bases. I think 28.5 is a fairly usual internal width for that size cabinet.

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Help! What does brushed vs. non-brushed rim mean? and which finish is preferred?

Also - to use the cutting board - do I need to have a reveal edge?

Thanks again!

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3boys, I just did a Google search for gardenwebbers with the Ticor S405D in 36" bases and found about 10 that mentioned they had this sink in a 36 inch base. Plus that is what I have I think, but am not positive. I would run in there and measure, but it's 3 hours away, haha. I think a couple people may have had the base cabinet scribed to accommodate the 405D, but several mentioned specifically that they did not have to do any modification.

The brushed vs not brushed refers to the narrow rim between the two sinks. The brushed matches the interior of the sink, the not brushed has a polished shiny appearance. I ordered the brushed but they sent me not brushed by accident. I didn't have time to exchange so kept what they sent me. I felt the shiny would eventually get scratches and the advantage of brushed would be scratches would not show.

If you have a positive reveal, the edge the rest of the way around the sink is shiny, so shiny would match. I wanted a very slight positive reveal, but my granite guys gave me no reveal, and it is exactly even. Definitely didn't want negative reveal where I couldn't see the gunk hiding under the edge. Rather than have any delays, I kept the granite as they cut it with no reveal and it has been fine. (can you tell I was in a time crunch?)

If I am remembering correctly, the cutting board sits on top of the granite. It has a groove around the outside that follows the contours of the sink and has enough overlap in the edge that it doesn't matter which reveal you get.

I am sure you will love this sink ! I can sit my 12" skillet that has a long handle and a helper handle flat down in the bottom of the big bowl. I can also easily sit my cookie sheets flat in the bottom. The smaller side is big enough to fit my 8qt stockpot. But small enough that you don't waste a lot of water when you are washing or soaking smaller stuff.

As a note: my dinner plates do not sit flat down in the small side. But, I find I usually use my Ticor prep sink for the dishes and silverware and they do sit flat in the bottom of the prep sink. We have two dishwashers - one next to each sink. All of my dishes & cups/glasses are stored above the dishwasher next to the prep sink, so I usually load those in that one. My pots & pans are stored in a drawer right next to the other dishwasher with mixing bowls and serving bowls in the uppers there so I rinse all that stuff in the big sink and they go in that dishwasher. If I didn't have the duplicate setup, the plates could easily lie flat in the big side of the S405 of course. It's not a reason against this sink for me, but wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

The S405DR is the same sink but with the small and big sinks reversed.

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Angie, LOL! I read your message a couple times and thought you typed my name twice by accident. Then I finally realized you were saying "fellow Angela".

By the way, debr and 3boys ... my Ticor sinks are in a vacation rental home that was finished last June 2011. We also have a 3rd Ticor smaller prep size sink at the coffee bar on the bedrooms level of the home. Our house sleeps 26 people and so far, 35 families have stayed there, most of them for a week each. As well as us and our family and friends when there were openings in the rental schedule. The sinks still look brand new even with people who don't necessarily take care of your stuff like you would. I am very satisfied with the quality of these sinks !

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Thanks everyone for the sink input. Unfortunately the size of the sink base was not something the contractor or the cabinet guy thought of and I am having a hard time finding a double undermount sink with the small bowl on the left. Ticor will fit beautifully but it seems that they are on backorder and no one seems to know when the boat with the sinks will arrive. Color me bummed......I have been searching for hours and hours

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Awwww, that sucks !!

I am wondering - what are your thoughts on why you want the small sink on the left ? The S315 is in stock, but the S315R is out of stock. I struggled with sink sides when I was deciding on my sink but couldn't really think of a reason one way or the other. I ended up going with the small sink on the right, as that's what my mom has and that's what our sink is at our primary residence. My final reasoning was "that's what I'm used to, if I switch from house to house it may feel odd.".

I am right-handed and do use the small sink on the right more often than the larger left sink, but that may be because the small sink is big enough to suit my needs most of the time. I love the big sink because I can put so much in it to "hide" it before it goes into the dishwasher. I also love it because I can put my biggest skillets, etc flat down in the bottom. That wouldn't be quite possible with the 315 (I have the larger Ticor that needs the 36" sink base), but still it's waaaaay better than a normal 50/50 double sink !! My 12" skillets at the beach have super long handles plus a helper handle on the other side. My big sink side at home is almost exactly the same size as the S315 (15.5"x19") and it easily fits the biggest skillet I have at home and my 11"x17" cookie sheet.

Here are 2 sinks at MRDirect that fit your criteria. I like the 506R much better for the slightly larger big sink and the much larger smaller sink. I recommend you upgrade to the 16 gauge and get the sink grids ...

Back when I was looking at sinks, many GWers got sinks from MR Direct. Here is a search of threads where you can read reviews and stuff about these sinks ...

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Angela12345...thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and recommendations for the Mr Direct. Re small sink on left-that is what I have now and there is a garbage disposal in it. I do my food prep work and cleanup on the counter that is to the left of that small sink and it is convenient for me to just push everything into to disposal. Same with cleaning the dirty dishes-I can rinse into the disposal and then pop into dishwasher. Sometimes it's so hard to think out of the box when one is so used to something !!! I have a few weeks before I need the sink so hopefully the Tricor boat will arrive....but if not the Mr Direct is the next best.

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