Thinking about DIY fridge panels... an idea is forming...

deedlesSeptember 21, 2013

So, wanting to go a different route than just a wood fridge panels for my old Sub sxs and not wanting to spend an arm and leg AND wanting something... um... decorative without being another 'clown' in the kitchen... I've been thinking about decorative window film. Like you put over a bathroom window. No, not roses and trellises but something more in line with the rustic-ey outdoorsey thing that I'm working on.

Okay. So. I sent for samples and asked if said samples would adhere to painted surfaces and the answer is yes, any smooth, non-porous surface will work.

What if I painted some 1/4" panels that fit the doors in either a copper paint or the green of my stove and stuck one of these over top? Thinking the brown leaf over copper or white leaf over green as you see below. I don't have any copper anything so I stuck the brown on the stove next to the white. Slide the panels in and voila! Leafy, hopefully subtle DIY fridge panels!

They are washable and seem of a sturdy material. I've tried to tear them and cannot. And, if something happens, they aren't so dang expensive that they couldn't be replaced easily.


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Appliance Art?

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Art

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Oh. Not an original idea after all, haha.

Well, I still like my pattern better than theirs. Well, at least I know it can be done!

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The plastic ones meant for glass are pretty easy to gouge or scratch with fingernails. Would you be ok with having to frequently replace them?

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Deedles: What about copying me and using patinaed copper? It would go with your sink, no?

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Angie: It's def. on my short list of possible choices. I just have to watch how much $$ I put into a 20 yr. old Sub.

Suppose I could actually check on the price instead of assuming that it's too much, right?

Been so focused on the backsplash, etc that I've let the whole fridge/pantry area go by but I have to get it figured out now.

Also, I worry about a galvanic type reaction between copper and the aluminum handles. Have you noticed anything like that with your fridge?

bmore: I don't think these would get gouged. I'm telling you I pulled as hard as I could to tear it and couldn't even get it started. I suppose a person could stab a knife through it...

Just thinkin' through my options for inexpensive but subtly interesting fridge panels.

I'm open to suggestions.

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Well, it was a lot of work, but not much money. I used copper flashing used for roof work. A 20"x10' roll costs a bit under $100. To cover my fridge and DW, I needed two rolls. I used a piece of MDF and a special glue for copper that circuspeanut referred to in her copper countertops thread.

I aged the sheets in the backyard for about 2 months, then wrapped them around the MDF.

No, no reaction between the handles and copper. To get a galvanic reaction, you generally need an electrolyte to facilitate it. I suppose you could put a thin insulator between them (paint, plastic...) if you were really concerned.

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Okay, that's less $$ than I thought it would be... course copper is more expensive now but definitely in the top 3.

So, but wait... 20 inches wide? Your panels look seamless. How did you do that?

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Wow! I really like the leaf print, over the green. Where did you find it? :)

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The leaf print is window cling by the Solyx company. I had ordered some for the bathroom window bottom sash and was just playing around with ideas and thought it might be a workable thing to use for the fridge panels. It's not thin, cheap stuff... it's very sturdy. If I tire of the look, it wouldn't kill me to swap it out for something else, either. Dunno... just playing around with possibilities, Lav. You know how I like to play around with possibilities..... :)

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The fridge panels are only about 17" wide, so they are indeed seamless.

The freezer (and DW) was over 20" wide, so there is a seam. It is barely visible in the picture above; if you look about halfway down on the right edge of the freezer, you can see an area that is lighter than the rest. The seam is there. (It has since reoxidized and is not very visible.)

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Okay, nice. Really can't see it at all. Thank you, Angie. I'll have to price out some rolls next.

Hey, what's up with your backsplash? Did I miss anything on that or is it still up TBD?

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Backsplash is still stalled :-(

Here is what I used:

Here is a link that might be useful: Copper roof flashing at Menard's

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