Hood for Bluestar 36 inch cooktop - please suggest

MSethSeptember 23, 2013

Thanks to all GW members for helping out newbie's like me...

Need suggestions for stainless steel nice looking,less-noisy, Bluestar worthy, budget friendly ($700-800) hood (maybe 600 cfm)..

(I know too much on my wish list :-)...)

Saw some names on older posts:
Zephyr typhoon, Kobe CH191, Vent-a-hood

Does it have to be range hood or island hood? Cooktop is not on island.

Please help.

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We are about 3 weeks from installing appliances including my 36" Blue Star cooktop too! I decided to go with a less expensive hood for now as we are spending so much on this reno. I may find I want to change it out in a few years, but I am ok with not having a top-of-the-line hood. I purchased a ZLine hood from Amazon for about $550. 42" wide (BS recommends 6" larger than the cooktop), 720 CFM (BS recs min of 600 CFM). Looks to be a very nice hood for the price and had great reviews. I think the price has even come down a bit since I purchased a few months ago. Take a look at them and see what you think. Obviously I cannot tell you how loud it is, etc. Give me a few weeks and I may be able to help more. :)

Are you doing anything for make-up air? It is not required where I live, but I decided to do it anyway. Had an HVAC guy come thru on something else and he said 720 CFM will pull nearly 2 tons of air thru the house. He felt make-up air was very wise. I'm happy we are doing it.

Good luck!

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