Vitamix recall replacement arrived

a2geminiSeptember 29, 2013

My Vitamix replacement arrived while we were on our bicycle trip. They were supposed to replace the blade only - but I think it is a whole new canister. I put a sharpie mark on the old one - which I can't find and it smells new. The handle also looks different but maybe I just don't remember the original.
I also received my gift - 101 Blender drinks and can't wait to try a few!
Anyone else get there replacement.

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I got mine back! Same canister for me. Same book and an extra year of warranty. I find that I get fewer bubbly overflows when I clean it but haven't noticed any other performance changes yet.

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OT but tell me about the bike trip.

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We rode from Spokane through Northern Idaho into Montana and back through Idaho to Spokane. The ride was great - the weather was ugly - rain and cold on 7/9 days (despite a positive forecast) - but we showed we were tougher than we thought. Most of the ride was in the "Big Burn" area from 1910 (Wallace and the Coeur d'Alene National Forest). If you haven't read the "Big Burn" by Timothy Egan - it is an interesting and sad read.
Only a couple casualties - not us - one Great Dane dog bite - ugly but rider kept riding, a case of hypothermia, and a few GI issues...

Now - have to start training for Boston!! I qualified 4 times, ran it twice and running this year for a cool charity.

Back on topic - I made the banana chocolate shake in the book tonight to celebrate our return.

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WOW A2 - congrats on the bike ride - impressive. I'm planning to be riding in Acadia this coming weekend. Nothing as adventurous as you, but you gotta start somewhere.

Glad to hear you're still cranking out great things from the Vitamix!

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a2 - if you come to Boston, we have to set up a GW reunion! Keep me posted... Your ride sounds terrific.

I received my replacement canister earlier this week. Definitely, new canister. Wasn't thrilled about the book as the 'gift' though. I'll be on the lookout for any fabulous recipes ....

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Wow sounds great. Sorry about the weather. Not fun to ride in that. What is it with Montana and loose dogs--on our bike trip to Glacier a few years ago, there was this snarly, nasty dog in Babb--I still remember it. He chased the group every time we passed by!

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Why did they recall Vitamix and what model I just got one for Christmas last year.

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The recall information is on the website. You can check your unit number. Thankfully my unit was not recalled. We have been making smoothies al it's everyday. Also made some giant pesto batches.

The bike ride sounds awesome!

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Wow, A2 you are one serious biker and a great Vitamixologist too.
I want to be like you when I grow up.

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Sarina - As GWlolo said - the information is on the website - be sure to put in the full serial number correctly - if not, it will say - you are not part of the recall - I think it is mostly the shorter versions and not the tall version. Vitamix was fast on getting the units back to us.

NYCBD - We had a number of dog issues - after the first bite - we watched each other around dogs. When some Rottweiler started chasing me, apparently, my language wasn't very "lady-like" - but I have no recollection of using the four letter words...At least, I kept my shoe - unlike American Flyer and the dog Eddie.

GoBlue - Have a great ride in Acadia - some day, we will do that one. We rode in Nova Scotia but the roads were narrow and a lot of competition for campers on the rodes.

GWlolo - Great bike ride - just prefer not to go swimming at the same time we are riding - (aka RAIN!). I have quite a bit of basil in the garden and hope to make some pesto this weekend.

OldBat - I will be in Boston area for the marathon in April. I am running for the Michael Lisnow Respite Center in Hopkinton - right up my ally as a retired PT.

I have met a few GWebbers on my travels and would be honored to meet you and see the your beautiful kitchen and backsplash. I will email you directly(if you have an email on file)

Badger - I think we are about the same age... BTW - my DH retired, so now, I have to work on retiring again. Hope to see your kitchen IRL as well. I have ridden in Badgerland - great roads and little traffic.

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Wow, I'm jealous. Our 'gift' was a black vitamix apron. Our canister smelled new too.

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I figured everyone got the book. I was surprised that all recipes included alcohol but easy enough to modify.

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I've been wondering whether to keep or pitch the book. Nothing's grabbed me yet, and I do like to keep only tried and true recipe books on the shelves in the kitchen.

a2 - would love to plan for that but know how crazy a time that will be. And you crazy people in training typically abstain, no? Perhaps we can plan for after the marathon :)

I do a 5:30 - 6:30 am bootcamp class 4 days a week but even after 4 years of it, am no closer to being a runner. I have a huge amount of respect for those who are able (and willing - that part I don't understand) to run distances. Biking, I do love. And don't get me started on burpees or push-ups, let's just say, I am competent...

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