Can you name this granite

Crystal6145September 18, 2012

Does anyone know the name of this granite? Also as a side note, do you like full height granite backsplashes?

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I'm wondering if that might be polished Ivory Fantasy, a beige granite from India. In the treasured link below (thank you fellow GW poster), I see both the veins of gray with dark clusters as well as some white/cream. I don't know though and a granite expert should be along soon.

Giallo Venezia is a somewhat similar beige, yet appears busier on close up than I see from your posted countertop.

Very pretty kitchen. Do you know who makes those cherry cabinets and the door style? Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Don't know the cabinet maker for sure, but they look like my cabinets which are Cardell in cherry wood Devonshire II with raised panel. I have the nutmeg finish with chocolate glaze and mine are a little darker.

It might be that Ivory Fantasy, I took a look and like that one and it seems to be a reasonably priced.

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Molly Phillips

I don't know what type of granite that is, but as far as your question about full height granite backsplashes....

I don't know that it's my FAVORITE look (I think it depends on the granite, actually, and granite is so very personal) but it's a whole lot better than mixing a busy granite counter with another busy type of backsplash. When that happens, I think it's a disaster to the eyes. I'd much rather see a continuity of the granite, personally.

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I don't think it is ivory fantasy, which I have in my kitchen. Mine is more cream color and less busy.

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Could be Colonial Cream

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As to the full height backsplash, I really like a full height granite backsplash just behind the range, with quiet tile backsplash everywhere else. That way, you don't have to worry about cleaning splatters on the grout behind the range cause it's smooth granite slab, but you won't have the busy-ness of granite backsplash everywhere in the kitchen.

I do not know the name of the granite in the pic, but I wouldn't worry about the name so much. We have seen many times on this forum that a granite could be called different names at different granite yards, and you could make yourself crazy trying to match a name. Also, a, e.g., Colonial Cream could look one way at one granite yard, and at another yard the same name Colonial Cream could be lighter or darker or more or less patterned. My advice is take the pic to several granite yards and ask if they have something similar.

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Personally, I like the tile backsplashes. There are so many different and beautiful tiles out there. However, it is all subject to personal taste. Granite on granite may be too much for me, but for you, you may love it! Have you looked at different backsplashes on here, and on houzz?

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It depends on the granite. I love mine. It's the star of the kitchen, and it's so easy to keep clean. Also, in my small space, having 1 fewer type of finish made the design more cohesive and the room seem bigger.

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agree with akchicago on both his/her points. each yard can call it a different name, so write down some names &/or take some pics with you when you are ready to search for "the one".

as far as full b/s.. we have and love it. one of the best decisions we made. easy breezy to clean and love the cohesive look with the counters. we only did it on the cooktop wall and used a very calm tile on sink wall. we just have 2 walls in kitchen, it opens to dining room.

good luck!!

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