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lovetogarden_oakSeptember 27, 2013

Dear GWers,

Some kind souls have notified me that the photos of my kitchen reveal were not only sideways but some were upside down! What a bummer! Especially after I spent literally hours to post the photos,

Here are the steps I took:
1. Logged into gardenweb and go to kitchen forum and start a new post.
2. In a different browser tab, go to, upload an image from my camera roll in my Ipad. Photos were all in the right orientation when uploaded.
3. For each image to be uploaded, I had to enter a verification code to prove I was not a spam bot. That was tiresome.
4. After the image was uploaded, I noticed that some vertical image was shown as horizontal image on their small photo icon. But, when I clicked that image, the icon becomes the full size image and right side up. So, it looked fine and I thought tinypic has corrected its upload confusion.
5. I copied the html tag as directed by one of the posts here in GW and pasted the tag to my GW post. (At first, I was copying the IMG code for forum and message boards, which ended up showing no photos at all in preview mode. So, after discovering that I needed to paste the html tag, I redid the whole uploading process again, and this time copying and pasting the html code.)
6. Repeat until all desired photos were posted.

When I previewed my post on my Ipad, prior to submitting my post, the message looked fine as the photos all showed right side up. Thus, I sent the post off.

Little did I know, people who viewed my post on the computer screen, and not on their Iphone or Ipad, had to do gymnatics in order to view the photos.

I don't know whether the issue is with uploading photos from an Ipad's camera roll to tinypic? The photos are in correct orientation in my Ipad..

In anycase, if you have a proven and easy method to upload photos, please share with me! Thanks!

Note to self: get a flickr or a photobucket account! :)

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Well, yeah, but your kitchen is *gorgeous* and we're all getting kind of used to photos posted in any and every orientation. One of the nice things about a laptop is that you can turn it around once you figure out which way is up.

I can't help you with tinypic, but I can vouch for Photobucket - works for me.

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Holly- Kay

Lovetogarden, when you take a pic with your iPad the home page button has to be on the right. For some reason when you take a pic on the iPad it will always correct it's orientation but only on YOUR iPad. Everyone else sees it the way your iPad was oriented when you took the pic. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

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> the home page button has to be on the right

or the bottom.

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holly-kay and writersblock, that's not completely true. I hate it when tech gets the better of me or my dear ones, so I spent awhile experimenting with this today. I took four shots of my kitchen, rotating the iPad 90 degrees each time. They're all posted, right side up, in the Test forum.

Online there's plenty of finger pointing, basically coming down to Apple vs. Microsoft. Best I can tell, iPad photos contain EXIF data which tells software how to orient the photo.

I did my iPad experiment today because I don't use my iPad's camera, instead using my iPhone or regular camera. I emailed them to myself and then saved them to my Desktop. I read that the act of saving them reorients them correctly. From my Desktop they are uploaded to Flickr, and from there to GW. I use pretty much the same workflow with my iPhone, which can be turned any which way while taking a photo.

I've only heard of this upside down thing with iPads, but I wonder if it's when people take the photo with the button other than on the right and then post straight to a site on a browser, e.g., GW, Tinypic, or Facebook.

It pains me when people take the time to lovingly post pictures of their glorious new kitchens and they're on their side or upside down.

Here is a link that might be useful: iPad photos

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Holly- Kay

Thanks Linelle for the update. I hate it too when that happens to the poster. I wish there was a quick fix for it.

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Thank you all for your tips. I really appreciate your sharing and linelle's experiment. Suzannesl, thank you for your kind and comforting words. I am getting myself a photobucket account!

DH laughed when he heard about my photo posting debacle and said that, in the future, prior to uploading my Ipad photos to services like tinypic, I can first correct the photo orientation in a laptop using fireworks and then post it to tinypic. Gosh, I didn't know that sending to tinypic directly from Ipad would cause this issue... But now I know!

I will upload some of my vertical ipad photos (taken with the home button on the bottom) directly to photobucket, and see if it'll be uploaded in the correct orientation.

Will let you know soon.

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I posted photos from my Ipad directly to photobucket, and copy paste the html link to a new post in the test forum. It took me a couple tries, lol!

When DH clicked on the test link, the photos uploaded to Photobucket seem to keep their correct orientation on my husband's computer screen.

Linelle, do you mind clicking on the link and let me know whether the photos in the second post are right side up on your screen, too? Thanks!

If this works, it means uploading my Ipad photos directly to photobucket will still show the correct orientation in GW post (after pasting the html code from photobucket into the post, of course.)

This will definitely be so much simpler and easier for Ipad users like me because I don't need to email the photos to myself and save them to the desktop, etc...

Here is a link that might be useful: Testing orientation from photobucket

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After taking ipad photos, go into Photos. You can see if they are ok. If not, select one. Then use the "edit" and "rotate" to fix them.

Alternately, open a photobucket account. Get the app on your ipad/phone. If you stay logged in it will upload photos you take automatically. It does that from my phone.

Photobucket also has an "edit" function that lets you rotate photos.

There's a "preview post" function that shows uploaded photos. If the photo is upside down or sideways, it will show.

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I just posted a picture that was taken on a digital camera in the vertical orientation. I used the "Image file to upload" option in GW to upload the one picture. I displayed sideways in the horizontal position. I usually use Photobucket but for one pic its easy to use the GW feature, but its not very honest.

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