Oh no! I think GW has spoiled me for life!

windycitylindySeptember 15, 2012

I've been browsing online real estate listings and going to the occasional open house, and I've realized that GW has completely reshaped how I see kitchens. I keep looking at these supposedly wonderful "gourmet" kitchens, and all I can see are all the flaws. I look at my kitchen that was largely inspired by what I learned here, and I've realized that no kitchens that I know of in real life even come close. I find it a bit sad to see a $1.5 million house with a very boring, non-functional kitchen, but that seems to be the norm.

I think GW has spoiled me on the average kitchen!

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I can't walk into anyones home without "seeing" how I'd redo it.

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The first thing I look for are drawers. Do they have almost all drawers? How could anyone crawl on their knees to get something out of that on-the-surface pretty cabinet? Don't those designers know anything?

And, on the other hand, I really have a great love for all kitchens, especially well-used kitchens, especially not hotsy-totsy expensive kitchens.

Totally sick.

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I know what you mean. I went to the annual parade of homes in my area last week and found so much to criticize in homes that are $600,000 and up. Out of 20 homes there were only 4 or 5 that had GW worthy kitchens. Hardly any drawers to be found. Some had aisles that were way too narrow. A couple had no landing spot for the wall ovens. Several had over the range microwaves with no outside venting. Noticed some barrier islands and many other things that I never would have thought about if I had not become TKO.

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You're not alone. I'm exactly like remodelfla, literally every single kitchen I walked into, I'm assessing and reconfiguring in my mind. There is no going back I fear.

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Unfortunately, I have been remodeling houses in my mind for years. This is a terrible thing when you are looking at houses to buy or just visiting a friend's house. So many houses are so dysfunctional. One of my pet peeve is a gargantuan master bath that is bigger than the living room of the house! But we won't go there.

I guess that is how I found GW Kitchen.

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Kaismom - when we bought our house in 1974, the "in" thing was giant master bedrooms with children's room slightly bigger than closets. Master baths hadn't bloated all out of proportion yet. Our firstborn was on the way, but we knew we were having more than one eventually and that they might end up sharing. A 9 x 10 room just wouldn't do. We had to look a long time to find a house with a moderate MBR and reasonable childrens' rooms. A real bonus was a kitchen that was quite efficient except for the blind corner cab and the inconvenience of lower cupboards. With GW help, we've made that kitchen a lot better, but it wasn't too terrible the way it was built.

Lindy - because our house was fumigated this week (termites!), we spent a couple of days at the neighors', who were fortunately out of town. We did spend the time trying to reconfigure their poorly designed kitchen into something more usable! So yeah, we're all tainted.

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Oh, honey! Termites!
I feel for you. I struggled with them this spring. Did 2 years ago, too. I'm hoping it's not a cycle!

Did your friend notice you moved her kitchen around?

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LOL and sorry about the termites
DP had termites - discovered by me one day when I went to open the slider in the spring - and Oh My - nothing but paint left for the frame...

Anyway - yup, I look at kitchens very differently now that I found GW. And would have done some things differently in our kitchen had I found it before it was designed and in progress... But allowed me to make some changes along the way - added a pull out pantry and a pocket door.
Almost swapped out a small door for drawers - but left it in the end - and actually more functional than little drawers.

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totally agree. i have decided the next house i buy needs to have a crappy kitchen that i can tear out and re-do as i doubt i will ever find another house with as nice a kitchen as i have now. the luxury of having a kitchen designed for you, with all the finishes you chose is heaven!

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Lol. Yes GW kitchens did wear off on me too! I'm so glad I found GW prior to finishing my design. Drawers, drawers, drawers. I should be getting my final design this week and hope I'm successful in posting it here. Did I say "final" design? My bad. It won't be a final design till my fellow GW'ers help make it a TKO (but small) kitchen.

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One of the best things about GW is that it is a forum written by real people who use their kitchens and who keep function, aesthetics, and cost considerations in mind for the best outcomes!!
I continually express how grateful I am to have found this website before attempting to upgrade/remodel my kitchen. I have learned more here than I think I would have just talking to CDK's, architects, or relying on magazines and articles alone.

Yep, definitely "tainted-love" now that I have found GW...

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There is a saying that for kitchens would read function, aesthetics, cost... pick two.

I like the drawers in my island but am bothered by a kitchen that is ALL drawers. Too much of a good thing. Drawers have their downside because they take more room than cabinets.

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@kaismom, mine is the Godzilla garages.

The best thing about this forum is getting feedback from people who aren't emotionally attached to the layout or your final look (altho they may be emotionally attached to their own ideas). Perspective on how different things may actually work out can be very valuable.

It is so easy to let love or ego persuade one into da stupid.

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