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localeaterSeptember 4, 2012

I am questioning the style of hood I should use in my kitchen. My original plan called for a stainless chimney style, but now I think that feels 'colder' than I want. As a reference point, my original plan also called for Cambria Torquay but I was never able to commit and then I fell in love with Madre Perla primarily because it feels warmer. I need your style advice.

This is my current kitchen:From Kitchen Planning The layout is staying basically the same, an L with an island. In the redone kitchen the L will be natural walnut, slab front doors and drawers on the bottom, and simple shaker doors on the top. The island will be painted with a walnut bb top. From Kitchen Planning

The new style I am thinking about would be reminiscent of this hood

Contemporary Kitchen design by Philadelphia Design-build Sullivan Building & Design Groupbut I would like the wood trim at the bottom to move back in depth but still look continuous to the post in the corner(seen in the current kitchen picture but slightly hidden behind cupboards). I would like the trim, which I visualize as a burl or live edge to comprise the shelf edge. Unlike the kitchen design drawing, I really only want one shelf, mounted high enough so that I can hang my 2 workhorse 10 and 12 inch cast iron pans from the bottom. I would want the live edge to hide the hanging support from a distance.

Is my revised concept good/bad/workable? What hood style do you see in this space?

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Hi Local,

I like your idea very much. I think it's warmer look that goes well with your kitchen. Love the existing post and the idea that you're going to tie in with it.

I also love that the hood is different--simple, clean, and not what we're used to seeing in every kitchen magazine.

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Thanks Madeline. I also like that it give me someplace to hang something decorative which is lacking in my kitchen. Or even just a gorgeous big clock!

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You've got a gorgeous space to work with there! I really like your new idea for the hood. I think it will work really well with the wood beams you have.

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WindyCityLindy thank you.
I was just looking at your post on the "show me your paneled DW" thread. Can I ask a question about your over the sink lights. I am questioning whether to do a wall mount light over the sink(either one or two) or one on each side of the sink. I like the idea of lights to the side of the sink, like yours, but I worry that they will be too crowded into the wall space(14"). If you don't mind me asking can you tell me how wide your fixtures are and how wide the wall is that they are mounted on?

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Uber cool and clean - wow! I really like the wood shown in your inspiration picture. Do you really want to minimize it? Having a nice solid piece might be lovely. Perhaps on this sides, then, it could be thinner?

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Oldbat2be I am not following what you are saying. I don't want to minimize the wood the wood on the hood. That said I don't want the hood to be all wood either because between the beams and the floor and the cabinets and the island BB it is alot of wood. I am trying to find a way to build a hood like this and still tie it in to an open shelf to the right of the stove. One shelf with a place to hang 2 cast iron skillets underneath. Can you elaborate on your idea so I understand it better.
BTW when is the cutting board cupboard going to be unveiled?

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