grout in stove backsplash

palomalouSeptember 29, 2012

There is subway tile in our hall bath in the condo. But in the house we have a gorgeous huge shower with large tiles, and the tile looks great--the grout has looked awful for a long time. I guess it was not sealed. And I think we have lime/calcium buildup.But this makes me paranoid about that in the condo bathroom and five times as paranoid about using it as a stove backsplash. I cook a lot, and the stainless backsplash we have now does not look great. Is it sealable to the point that it becomes a solid surface? The other thought was just get a piece of the black galaxy that's already on the counters. But the place was built about 7 years ago, so it definitely won't be from the same place. Help!

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" the stainless backsplash we have now does not look great."

Elbow grease usually clans anything except actually damaged stainless.

Some staleness steel wool, hot water, and spic-n-span should make shorter work of it.

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Thanks, but that doesn't answer the question of sealing group in a range backsplash. Anybody?

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