48" range w/double ovens?

home4all6September 21, 2012

We are trying to decide on our cabinet layout, and keep getting stuck on the range. We want to upgrade from our current 30" but cannot decide if we should go with 36" or 48". I don't have any wall space for a double oven stack anywhere, so the 48" with double ovens is appealing for that reason. If we went with a 36", for the extra burners, I'd probably push for a speed oven under counter in the island, and then have no microwave.

I cook and bake often, and we are a family of 6, all kids 8 and under.

I have a 10'8" stretch where the range will live, between the fridge and the corner cabinet, so we have the space for 48".

I'm also confused about the venting and blower--we'd need a hefty blower. Is 1200cfm required?

Do you have a 48" range? Do you like it? Do you use both ovens?

Any input would be appreciated.

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My bro in law has a large 48 in range-he's the family cook[his wife does frozen stuff that gets heated up]....it's over the top for the space it requires.....the burners don't all get used very much. It's fancy and was expensive. I think he uses it even less now than when first installed [kids are now 11 and 14]. Just my observation.

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It depends on what options and how powerful burners you get that will determine how many CFM you need.

Any pro-style range with grill will require at least 1200cfm.

I have a 36" Capital Culinarian with 6 burners and I have a 1400cfm blower. And I don't think it is overkill.

Either 36" range plus speed oven or 48" range with double ovens will serve your needs.

Most people find they use their smaller oven much more than their big oven. But you don't want to spend major bucks and not have the capacity to host parties/holiday events.

I got a 24" wall oven in addition to my 36" range oven.

I would be damned to spend so much on kitchen reno and appliances only to have a $79 toaster oven from Costco be my main oven.

For me the layout and size of the room would largely determine which option I would choose. Does the 36" look a bit small or does the 48" overpower the room?

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Have a Viking 48 inch with double oven... grill/griddle and 6 burners.. love love love it. Use smaller oven rarely, it is actually pretty small (and have double electric oven on baking side of kitchen) But I love the cooking space my 48 inch provides. Wouldn't change it for anything.

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Thanks for this input--I couldn't reply from my darn phone, and our computer is on the fritz. But I do appreciate hearing differing points of view.
We ended up purchasing a new, floor model blue star 48" gas range, with 4 burners and a griddle and grill. I love that it has 2 ovens, so no need for a separate oven. It does define our space, and it's a big girl, but we will make it work. We also got a 1200cfm vent and SS hood.
I feel relieved to have that decision made, as I felt so many other things were dependent on it. Now I can finalize my cabinet layout, and of course, drop it in here for GW approval (fingers crossed :)

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I have a 36 Aga with two ovens. I would not recommend an Aga but I would definitely recommend another range (36 or 48) with a large oven and a smaller one. The smaller one is fantastic. It hears up in minutes, and while it doesn't hold a lot in terms of width, the length is fine and with multiple racks I can cook up to five pans at the same time -- great for multiple side dishes or multiple pans of the same dish.
36 inches (five burners, two ovens) turned out to be plenty without giving up the extra counter space for a 48 inch range, but at either size, I would definitely recommend a model with a large and a small oven. Good luck!

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Congrats on the new 48", home4all6, and great choice. You will love it. We did the jump to 48" last December and I appreciate it every single day. Almost always use the small oven; love how quick it heats up. So nice to have both going when doing a large dinner for company though. And the grill is the bomb, you will just love that!

Congrats, and have fun planning your new kitchen.

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30" Blue Star, and a Miele speed oven. Also have the Breville counter convection oven. I find that having the big gas oven and two small electric ovens provides plenty of capacity and flexibility. I like the wide width of the Blue Star 30 inch oven -- it takes full size trays which is very handy for baking biscotti and making granola. The vent is 1200 CFM. I use it on high only occasionally and for short intervals, but when you really need it, it is very good to have that power.

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I love my 48" DF Wolf; I thought I would be using the smaller oven more but none of my cookie sheets, etc., will fit :) And having 6 burners is great; wish I could have had 8 and not gone with the griddle that I will never use.

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There are plenty of professional quality jelly roll pans that will fit the small oven on a 48" Wolf.

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