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JBGBSeptember 7, 2012

Hello, all - I've also posted this list on the Appliances Forum, but hope the vast experience here can also be tapped. We're very gradually planning our total kitchen gut/expansion/first-&-last-ever-we-hope remodel, and have made great progress on the floorplan thanks to much help on GW! Have been investigating appliance choices and would really appreciate your inputs on this first pass at a list:

Wall ovens: Electrolux Wave-Touch EW30EW55GS - 2 singles; one installed in island below cooktop (if possible; see below) & one in cab near baking area.

Warming drawer: Electrolux Wave-Touch EW30WD55GS - installed below Elux oven near baking area.

Cooktop: Miele KM5773 36" induction - installed in island, but don't know if this can be installed over Elux oven we're thinking of; we like the look of this better than the Elux induction (smaller stainless trim on Miele) & both seem to have good comments.

Fridge: Liebherr HCB2062 or Liebherr Premium Plus HC2062 (not sure what differences are?) OR Kitchen Aid Architect II KFC022EVBL - we need counter-depth & want paneled; love the fully-integrated look of the Liebherrs, but obviously way more expensive, & mixed reviews on both KA & Liebherr on AJ Madison.

Dishwasher: Miele Futura of some sort, but we're REALLY confused about all the different flavors!

Microwave: Sharp Insight Pro KB6524P 24" drawer - don't have counter space for MW on counter & don't want to reach up to use one.

Vent hood: TOTALLY CONFUSED!! Cooktop will be in island, but don't want anything sleek/modern - no stainless or glass - kitchen will be Craftsman-inspired; reading the many discussions of ventilation on Appliance Forum is so overwhelming. I love to cook (just me & DH in home), but pretty simple - mostly veg & fish (baked), no indoor grilling, no deep frying - but many cauldrons of soup in the cold weather! Other than the fact that we apparently should have a 42" wide hood over a 36" cooktop, I'm at square one - and wish that a downdraft was a possible solution, but from what I read they're not advisable. RangeCraft has lovely copper choices & seems to do any sort of custom idea; I've been afraid to check on prices...

Please give me your words of wisdom, and thank you!

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I checked on a custom stainless hood and the price made me kinda sick. I can only imagine copper would be sky-high. But beautiful!

Have you looked at craftsman style kitchens on Houzz for ideas? They have some great pics on there. I'd do that and an internet search for craftsman kitchens and just see what others have come up with...

Good luck!

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I have new double Electrolux Wave Touch ovens and have been happy with them so far. I really like the easy glide racks and they have been easy to clean. Some people complain about new ovens taking a long time to preheat but I found the preheat time to be fine. There are so many settings I haven't tried half of them yet but I plan to! The only thing I'm not wild about is the timer, the sound is a bit odd and not very loud.

I also have a Sharp microwave drawer that the whole family loves. It looks great and we love being able to look down at the food. We chose the manual open version that vents through the front. I was worried about the new versions that vent down into the cabinets and I thought the push button open would be just one more thing to break.

Good luck with your project.

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Deedles, I fear I'm going to encounter lots of sickening prices as this project develops! I have done some "Houzzing" & Googling, but just seem to be seeing the same things over & over - I'll have to delve more deeply. Would love to find something unobtrusive rather than a big thing hulking down over the island. Thanks for the moral support!

Quetzall, I appreciate your posting your experiences w/ Elux ovens and Sharp MW - very encouraging. Didn't know about the front-vs.-down vent issue - will check that out. Our existing ready-for-appliance-oblivion Caloric gas oven takes at least 25-30 minutes to preheat (maybe because the door is ready to fall off?!) - hoping the Electrolux is faster than that?

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The Elux ovens are nice, though I prefer the (only slightly more expensive) E30EW75GSS from the Electrolux Icon line, which has a nice full-width glass that's easy to keep clean on the inside and a smoother appearance inside and out IMO.

The Miele DWs confuse me too, but any of their higher-end machines should be good.

I'd steer clear of the KA fridge.

Not familiar with Miele's induction cooktop. Certainly check out the Bosch/Thermador and maybe GE Profile and Monogram units too, and for that matter Electrolux's.

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Thanks for your thoughts, lee676 - we'll look at the Icon oven also, and glad I'm not the only one who gets Miele DW selection overload. May I ask whether you've had bad KA fridge experience yourself, or heard horror stories? Last night I tracked down more Liebherr reviews online, & what I found was really, really not promising - so discouraging for what looks so beautiful.

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Our 36" side by side KA refrigerator is now about ten years old and we've never had a problem with it. Zero service. It works great still. You hear the ice cubes plunk into the cube bin as well as the self-defrost when it kicks on but it's totally tolerable. The freezer side in-door ice/water dispenser has never broken. Freezers a tad small but pizza boxes fit sideways with effort. Fridge side holds a lot (some times I find myself moving and searching) but the door holders are sturdy for the one gallon of milk jug, orange juice and other big items.

I hope to redo my kitchen someday. I'd not hesitate on a KA, although maybe we just got lucky (with our ten plus year KA DW too)?. Next time, due to its location, I'd get a left swing top fridge/bottom freezer. I reviewed Liebherr's 36 inch top/bottom refrigerator spec sheet just last night ($5K)!. Read some of the reviews too and did not realize it was made in Canada who sent techs down to NYC customers on occasion.

If you go KA, find out where it is made and check around a little about that point. KA is Whirlpool I think. Maybe Mexico made of late. The appliance experts might comment-I do think there has been a recent change in factory.

JD Powers rated Samsung Refrigerators #1. I have no experience with them.

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Angela12345, we would consider black & so thoughtful of you to include the link - quite a variety of RangeCraft styles! - am just having difficulty envisioning anything of the bulk apparently required. Thinking I should get busy building a cardboard mock-up, although we haven't done any demo yet so spatial volume & ceiling height of kitchen-to-be are only in our minds right now. Plenty of blue tape marking things out on the floor, though...

SparklingWater, it's so helpful to get your KA experience. Our current fridge is a bottom-freezer Whirlpool that we bought in 1992, & in 20 years it has never needed a single repair. I cringe reading appliance reviews and realizing that the chances of finding that quality again are slim-to-none! Come to think of it, was just reading the resurrected toaster thread, and our Salton long-slot toaster is from 1991 (still chugging along), and our Panasonic microwave is from 1990 and has only needed 1 repair. The Whirlpool will replace the REALLY ancient fridge that previous homeowners left in our basement (changing of the back-up fridge guard); even at 20 yrs. old we expect it will result in energy savings compared to the one down there now. Guess we haven't been doing our part to keep appliance manufacturers in business up to now!

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I added a question to my corresponding thread on the Appliance Forum. Saw the Heartland Classic counter-depth French-door fridge last night when I removed the "panel-ready" filter on my search at AJ Madison. Thought of the recent "end of stainless steel" discussions here (how about Cranberry or Cobalt?!), but no user reviews on the AJM site, or anywhere else I've found yet. Does anybody have any info on Heartland fridges?

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Oops - meant to include link to the fridge on AJM!

Here is a link that might be useful: Heartland FD CD fridge

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