What do you call "under counter dishwasher?r

sunnylundSeptember 6, 2012

It's confusing to learn terms...

What do you call the dishwasher under the countertop? Built in, Console, partial built in, or portable??? I am thinking of replacing my white dishwasher to stainless steel one but not sure which is which. the dishwasher goes under the countertop and control panel is upper side of the door? Thank you.

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Well I'm confused. As you describe I call it a dishwasher. Put in a space in the cabinets usually next to the sink, it has it's own plumbing. Built in I guess you would say.It is what most people think of when they hear "dishwasher".
A portable is on wheels and you move it to the sink to use it.

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Fori is not pleased

Just "dishwasher", if you're in the US. Regular old dishwasher.

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I think you are confusing yourself, the answer is pretty simple

Built in - dishwasher built in, under the counter as you are looking for.
Console - built in though you have to add a panel to it so the front will match your cabinets.
Partial built in - no idea
Portable - portable dishwasher that is not built in, and doesn't go under your counter, you can wheel it around.

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Console or full console is having all displays/buttons on the front exterior panel

Panel ready- requires your custom panel in front to match cabinets.

Fully integrated- no displays or controls in front of diswasher. Must open door, controls/displays are on top inside edge of dishwasher door.

Partially integrated- display and/or a few controls on front exterior panel while rest of controls and perhaps another display on top inside edge of dishwasher door.

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"The control panel is on the upper side of the door". If you mean the control panel is not visible when the door is closed that would be an "Integrated" dishwasher.

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The two main categories of DW's are built ins and portables. Portables can be countertop, or roll around.

Built in Dw's can have the controls hidden on the top edge of the DW (fully integrated), partly on top and partly on an exterior panel (partially integrated) or the controls at the top of the exterior front panel. They also can accept cabinet panels (panel ready) but only the "panel ready fully integrated" ones will disappear into the cabinetry and look like a cabinet (if you follow the manufacturer's installation instructions). In addition, there are DW drawers that can be a regular appliance color or accept cabinet panels.

I think you need to visit a few appliance showrooms to physically see these styles to judge what it is that you want to replace your old DW with.

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