Grout first and then caulk or vice versa?

oldbat2beSeptember 29, 2012

I have two backsplashes to grout tomorrow hopefully - they were installed Friday - and am wondering about the order in which grouting and caulking should occur. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!! happyoldbat :)

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We grouted first and caulked later.
Best wishes -- can't wait to see your beautiful big reveal.

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grout first..usually the people you hire to do it hate to caulk so they resist doing it. But if they are persuaded to do it they take the easy way out and grout the whole thing and then dig out the grout and place the caulk in. It is faster than leaving the plains not grouted and trying to keep it out of those spaces. Since you are doing it yourself you can do it right...grout only what needs the grout and then run your caulk where the plains meet. c

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Thanks francoise47 and trail runner. That's very hellpful. I'll be careful as I grout.,. And definitely think it's easier to dig out the grout than the caulk. Best, oldbat2be

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Gosh, I caulked first (not a backsplash, but my stairs and landing area). It was very easy to just keep the grout away from the caulk.

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Just finished with my backsplash install and had wondered same thing. I looked at the John Bridges tile forum and they say either way is fine. Did seem to be a slight preference for grout then caulk though.

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Angie-DIY - thanks, that's what DH wants to do. BTW, how did your stairs and landing area turn out? Please point me to your pictures or post one when you get a chance:)

Olandy-thanks, good to know. The things we worry about...

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The contractor who did my bathrooms grouted first, but with a cord of the right size stuffed into the crack under the tiles.

When he was finished with the grout, he pulled the cord out and had a clean caulk area.

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@ lazygardens: nifty trick, have to remember that one! Thanks!

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The caulk goes in after the grout so it can stick and make a better seal.
Note all that important on a back-splash since it is NOT a 'wet location.'

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OB2be: Thanks for asking! I recently posted them on an old thread that was relevant because I had asked questions about the hallway. I linked that thread below. (I also linked it inline in my message up a bit in this thread.)

There were two different old threads I could have put the updated pictures into. I think I chose the wrong one, not that it matters too much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Updated pictures of stair and landing

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Lazy gardens-love it! Too late for the pantry but I will try on the kitchen.

Brickeyee-thanks, that makes sense.

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