SparklingWater... can I ask you a question?

Lake_GirlSeptember 26, 2012

Hi SparklingWater. I saw in another post that you are buying BM White Dove, semi-gloss. Is it for your trimwork? I need to touch up some trim (mine is high-gloss, bright white), and I'm thinking of changing over to White Dove, semi-gloss. Can you describe how White Dove looks on your trim? Does it look white, or more creamy? I'm a little worried it may not match the paint colors on my walls. Thanks!

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Hi Lake_Girl.

We have used Benjamin Moore Classic White Dove Semigloss for all our trim for years. It's a lot of trim. It is a warm tone white, not gray nor yellow and not bright white. But it is clearly white, not cream. Just stepped down some from a bright white. We have it on two built in carved triangular dining cupboards as well as fireplace and built in bookcases. It continues well throughout the house without noticeable change from white with natural light color changes.

Hope this helps. I just bought a gallon of it to start my trim again. It's been ten or twelve years which means it stood up to me washing finger prints and scuff marks off all these years from the kids etc. It's a great Benjamin Moore white.

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Thanks SparklingWater! I think that's just the push I needed. I want white, but the bright white is a little too much. We too have lots of trim, so I thought I'd just do a room at a time. That way it won't be so overwhelming.

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