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Laila619September 18, 2012


My kitchen cab layout calls for one 6 inch filler. The KD told me there was really no way to avoid this based on the space and design. He did say I could turn it into a spice drawer, or leave it just as a filler with an overlay panel to match the cabs. Is the spice drawer worth the added expense, or should I just leave it? Can you think of any other option? Thanks for the advice!

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Would you consider spacers (filler) between cabinets instead? Or increase the size of 1 or more of the existing cabinets? I was looking at much the same thing so we expanded the stove space by 3 inches.

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without seeing the plans it is hard to say, but the spice cabinets are ridiculous in price and the cookie sheet cabinets are 9" I believe. I would try to figure out how to enlarge 1 or 2 cabinets; maybe try to put a 3 inch filler on each side. I enlarged my refrigerator space by 3 inches to 39" and am really glad I did.

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From one in the same situation - I would opt to use the space in any way possible. Even if you look at rev a shelf and buy a spice pullout yourself (though a distributor is not very expensive, vs the web site) then have the installer put it in.

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If you cannot add those 3 inches to an adjacent cabinet, the I would either:

  • Make it a filler pullout (not a 6" cabinet, a 6" filler pullout...depending on the type of cabinets you have and the thickness of the side walls, you will gain 1" to 3" of space.)

OR Make it a narrow cutting board or tray cabinet.

In either case, I would still have an an overlay panel to match the cabs. I did just that. I have two 6" filler pullouts flanking my cooktop. It's not a waste of space by any stretch of the imagination! I fully utilize both of them!

One thing, though, be sure the pullout has adjustable shelves. Mine do not have them and I can't store oils in them because there's not enough vertical space b/w the shelves. (If you have short oil bottles, they may fit.)

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Can you post a copy of your layout including dimensions? People here on GW are pretty amazing at coming up with things like ways to avoid the unavoidable filler (6" seems like a lot of filler to me, even if you are using standard sized cabinets, unless you are doing Ikea, but I'm certainly not experienced with layouts). Also it would help us all visualize what might look best in the space if the filler really has to be there.

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