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calyle7September 10, 2013

Oh me....here I am again asking...pleading for your help!
Since I didn't get but one response on my other post thought I would try once more...hoping to get some ideas and advise.
Painting will start the end of the week....and I have no idea Where I am going with this kitchen??? I will go tomorrow to get some samples to try.
I first thought I was going to do bead board in a light chocolate for the majority of my back splash and behind the stove go with a glass and stone narrow tile that has shades of chocolate, and dark and light cream. Cabinets are very Creamy with oil rubbed bronze hardware and my granite is Bianco Romano which has all of the above colors in it.
My floor is a floating tile with different shapes and sizes of light and dark chocolate and creams.
We opened up part of the den...but not complete Open Concept ..but the rooms do flow into each other with a small snack bar opened to the ceiling and next to it about 3 ft or more that is open to the ceiling.
After looking at countless kitchens and reading post after post...I now don't know What I want. This morning I had thought since my kitchen is so small maybe a shade close to cabinet color would be good on the walls such as SW Ivorie..the lighter shade of the samples on line are closer to my cabinet color.
Or should I go a shade lighter...or a shade darker??
If I do this I do not think I will use chocolate as a back splash but go more neutral.
Was talking to my daughter who honestly should have pursued a career in decorating and she thought I shouldn't do a cream color but perhaps a shade of green.
My Den now is a soft mossy green that I love and I would like to keep it some sort of green like SW Fern, SW Svelte Sage or BM Weekend Getaway and BM Loiusburg Green.

The cabinet door has a pinkish cast in the picture...but it truly doesn't.....it is definitely a True Cream very close to Ivorie.
Would it look OK to have the kitchen painted the Ivorie, (or some shade like it) which will only show a small portion of paint on the end where the three windows are and the kitchen table sits...barely anything over the cabinets will show.....and keep my den a green?

Or would it look better to paint the den perhaps a shade darker than the kitchen but keep it in the same cream to gold family?
My den has valances that has a mossy olive green, rusty red and gold in them as does an occasional chair. The sectional is a muted rusty red...So either the right shade of green or gold should go with what I have.
I would appreciate so much any suggestion anyone might have on what to do.

1.) Go with a Creamy Gold such as Ivoire in the kitchen and either the same color or a shade or two darker in the den?

2.) Go with the Ivoire in kitchen and the Mossy Green such as Svelte Sage or one of the other greens in the den?

3.) What color for woodwork, ceiling and crown molding? CM will only be in den.
OR if you have other color suggestions than what I have mentioned...Please share...

I have looked forward to a new kitchen in this house for over 30 years...Who would have thought it would be such a hassle and worry!
Hubby is absolutely No Help...and daughter lives a hundred miles away and has just started a new job...so no time to spare right now for anything....
So I'm turning to everyone here for Help...thanks so much

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this is a traditional door with a lot of relief/detail ...right now, skip the backsplash. You have floor tile with pattern and light/dark.....it will probably tie in okay with counter...that's as much pattern I'd want with this door style. Pick your paint colors since painters are coming....do backsplash later this fall. I can see a creamy simple ceramic tile maybe with some copper toned inserts. The backsplash you mention is too busy with door style AND floor. Copper inserts will be pretty/ will tie into the bit of red in den.Stay light with paint......the door style makes shadows with the molding......there's a lot going on..it's pretty but can backfire if you don't handle it properly.

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Paint is so difficult you can obsess all day long but until you put several colors on the wall in the room with the cabs and counter sample there also you just can not tell which will look good.
Even different cream/ivory will look so different in you room with the other items there also.
Get some samples and paint them on the walls - tell the painters to wait.
I agree that you should wait on the backsplash.

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Yes I also agree about backsplash....Will wait....But I was only going to put the tile I talked about behind the stove and with the microwave above...will not show a great deal...the rest of the backsplash will be simple.
The granite does have the creams, chocolate and touches of black and the rusty red here and there....so it should tie in to the Creamy cabinets, the chocolate and cream floor....and even the touches of rusty red will blend with the sectional.
What are your thoughts on using the two colors? Should I just go with the creams to light golds....or do a green in the den?
thanks so much for helping

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the lightest of green will probably be okay but I'd want a grayer green than moss-go to SW and take one of the grayer greens you list and tell them to cut the pigment by 30percent---it'll be the shade, but Lighter.....trying to help but I usually hold paint cards up taped on walls and observe over a few days in various lighting. Sherwin Williams will tell you the formulas-yellow oxide in heavier amounts is where I would steer away from. Just tell them-I want more brown or gray in the green or a light sage-take a door or drawer front into the store. allow some time-they will help you.

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Since there is so very little wall color in most kitchens, it's a chance to do something with some drama. Like the rusty red that you keep mentioning. Red is a fabulous color for a kitchen. It's tricky to paint though. You need a grey primer and probably at least 3 coats to get it's full richness.

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I agree you should wait on the backsplash - that was the last thing we did when we did our recent reno - waited until the granite counter tops, appliances, etc. were in. Then we went and got various tiles to sit against the granite.

I would consider doing a soft green in the kitchen. It will look gorgeous with your creamy cabinets and tie in with your den. But bring home a few samples and see how they look in the light. If you're worried about green or another colour being too much, you can always go with an Ivoire tone- but I would go either a bit lighter than the cabinets or a bit darker to give the cabinets some depth.
Good luck!

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thanks everyone....I will go tomorrow and get some samples and then put them on the wall and see which ones "Calls Out" to me....(lol) Sure hope that's the case....
And yes for now the backsplash is on the back burner...will concentrate on that after painting, flooring and getting granite in...Right now my main concern is color for kitchen and den....do I do the same...or two different colors? Will get samples of both.

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I seem to remember fellow GW'er mythreesonsnc having similar color cabinets to yours. She did a fantastic job and I would look to her space for color inspiration. Once you narrow down a hue I would create paint-boards or paint samples directly on your wall to nail down the specific paint color with just the right properties for you.

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I am so new here...How do I go to her space to view her colors?

Also a friend told me tonite....to Stop Stressing and do exactly what you suggested...so will get some posterboard / cardboard and start painting...

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I am so new here...How do I go to her space to view her colors?

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No worries at all here is a link wher she is discussing her backsplash but it contains some good pics of other elements as well.


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Hi Cal - this may help. I just did a google search with the name and GW. I'm sure you can find additional threads using the same technique. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: mythreesonsnc

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Please make sure you paint your samples on white poster board or oak tag. If you paint them on cardboard the darker background will not give an accurate portrayal of the color.

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Thanks everyone for all your help and links!!
mythreesonsmc's kitchen is to die for.....
Oh My what a fabulous space to work in!! Beams in the kitchen....What a wonderful idea!!
And the color of the walls BM Greenbriar beige looks to be
what I am looking for if I go with the creams to gold...but will
have to see it in person....
Will go today and get paint samples and poster board..problem is
the BM paint store has closed in my small town. Hopefully they can pull up the color and color match it at SW or Lowes?
The backslash is wonderful also ...will keep that in mind when it comes time to start looking.

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I posted this in home Decorating..but no replies so thought I'd also post here....This is where all the action is ..or so it seems...

I am going today to get paint samples of creams, golds and greens to see what colors I want to paint new kitchen and den. Kitchen has very Creamy cabinets.

If I paint my ceiling Dover white...What color should I do the trim?

I will put my crown molding back up in the Den ...but won't have room for it in the kitchen.....Would love to keep the crown molding White.....Would that look OK if trim is same color as ceiling?
OR should the Crown Molding be painted same as ceiling and trim?
Thanks for your advice and suggestions

One other thing that I forgot...Both Kitchen and Den has White Vinyl Windows...and in Kitchen I have white kitchen wood shutters (which I love and can't paint) and a White small pantry door.

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