Silgranite sink - sponge holder type to stick?

thedorkSeptember 30, 2013

Do you use any and how it sticks to the sink? I bought Casabella one and it doesn't stick to the sink. Any good looking ones out there? I would like the sponge to be in the sink not on the top of the counter.

Thank you!

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I use the microfiber pads from WS and just toss in the laundry after use. I would be interested to hear if you find an answer :-)

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I tried one from BBB with suction cups, and it too did not stick to our silgranit sink. Right now, I'm just hanging it over the side of a plastic bin holding cleaning supplies beneath the sink. Not elegant, but for right now it's working. Would love to get a better solution.

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Nothing sticks in my silgranite either :(. I have an IKEA scrub brush with a suction bottom that falls over every time. Didn't realize these sinks were suction proof.....

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Sponges are so unsanitary! They are THE most bacteria laden item in a kitchen, second only to the chicken carcass itself. Change out to dish cloths and dish towels and change them out daily.

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I'm interested in suggestions, too! What do you recommend, live-wire_oak? And even if it is changed out daily, where does the dish cloth live between uses? I just cleaned out my tilt outs which have been holding sponges, and have to agree that is not a good plan.

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I keep my dishcloth either hanging over the side or in the bottom of the sink. I've seen this but am not sure it would work with a Silgranit sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: cloth holder

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robo (z6a)

My sponge hasn't killed me yet. Neither have my week old dish cloths although I try to wash em when they don't pass the sniff test.

I use a countertop soap dispensor with sponge holder, the umbra joey.

Edited to add: I know that doesn't get the sponge off the counter. In the past I've also used saddle contraptions over the sink divide but obviously not practical for single bowl sink. They also sell some sink caddies that combine a metal ledge, like a gripper, WITH suction cups?

Here is a link that might be useful: joey

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I have a sink grid and just lay sponges and dishcloths on it to dry.

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I put the sponge in to the dishwasher (sanitary cycle) every time I run it. So daily, at least. Then I leave the sponge in the d/w until I need it. Also because my special needs son will come and grab the sponge if it sits in the sink. So I've become used to just storing the sponge in there.

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Great suggestions! Thank you all! I'll keep it in the sink for right now.

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admittedly I can be obsessive at times. I LOVE my silgranit sink, but really missed the ability to have the suction thing for sponges/dish wand/scraper...

a few attempts I made...
used command hooks (that adhesive thing that you pull down to remove cleanly) for awhile. worked and then suddenly didn't. (although I did just notice at my local target that they are carrying command products for shower area now... I guess they solved the water/adhesive problem)

I used this for a long time and was mostly happy with it. Cleaning it was a bit of a pain, but ok. one day I had the brilliant idea to throw it in my dishwasher and the inner liner shrunk. But before that happened, I was satisfied.

after the liner shrunk, I pulled out the big guns. So far, I'm thrilled. Rare earth magnets. I have 2 long ones on the outside of the sink, and 2 long ones on the inside. I am using an old favorite sink/dishwand holder that I removed the suction cups from.
rare earth magnets:î-Neodymium-Magnets-4-Counts/dp/B000UUDGV0/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1380682194&sr=8-20&keywords=rare+earth+magnets These are the ones I got... but the price was quite different. I think I paid $12 or so for them.

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Here is what I found at Homegoods. It really seems to work. I took a picture of both sides of the sponge.

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I've been using one of those saddle things, but will be remodeling our new cottage and will likely be putting a single bowl silgranite sink in. I had never seen the saddle that goes over the faucet--that is a great option. I also love the magnet idea! I just purchased a bunch of really tiny strong magnets for my daughter's wedding--I imagine they would have to be larger for holding through the sink--but great idea...thanks.

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I bought a pretty stainless one with suction cups for my Blanco ss sink. It won't stick on that either. I may staple it to the inside of the undersink cab door.

L_W_O, all those germs build up your immunity! They are good for you! LOL!

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