Have I gone crazy?

momand3boysSeptember 16, 2012

So we decided to start redoing the kitchen again after a two year hiatus. The kitchen and dining room run along the back of our house. The dining room set where we eat all meals is a dark red cherry with a corian top (which I love BTW). The floors are beech in a yellowy tone. So we have narrowed it down to two cabinet doors and two colors of which to decide on. One is Medallion Bayside in Chestnut. The other is Dynasty Monterey in Nutmeg. Both cherry wood like the dining set. I like the Medallion style door, its a bit rounded on the edges and has an edge to the inside of the stiles and rails. But the color is a bit brown in some light, more than I originally wanted, but looks more reddish in most light which I like. The Dynasty is on sale and a better door, but this sample looks faded to me, and sharp on the edges of the door, which might show more dings?? I have a small sample of the same color but the sample has big veining which I don't like, so it's throwing me off. I think I like the color better, but the door is worn out and that is what it would look like after so many years, right? We currently have flourescent light in the kitchen which we are replacing with regular lighting so the colors will look different. I have looked at both cabinets in different areas and different lights and I just can't make a decision. The cost would be about the same and both would look good in my kitchen but I can't seem to pick one. I think I have gone mad! And I might be making my KD mad!! Lol. Ugh.

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Not sure if there is a question in here, but I feel your pain about the uncertainity. What is clear is that it sounds like you're not wild about either so why not start from scratch and pick another company, color, syle or all of the above.

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Gone crazy? You just taken the first step on the journey, dear.

Do they have any better samples that aren't faded? And yes, maybe a different company, too?

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I went down that same road. I could NOT make up my mind about door styles, stain vs. paint, which company to use. Then I found a cabinet builder who is custom mixing stains for my selection and I decided on a door style. No more turmoil of decision, or rather indecision.

Continue looking. When you find the right combination you'll know it.

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Since you are changing the lighting, look at your choices in daylight only.

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Thanks for your comments. I wasn't even sure if I was asking a question or just making a comment.. Oyyee... Went to the tile store today with both sample doors and decided I really like the one that is not having a promotion so I guess I will just suck up the extra cost. And I do like the counter top that we picked out for it better than for the other cabinet. So its Medallion in Chestnut and Burton Brown Cambria. Getting there! And I think I will have DH hang (or hold) a light up from the ceiling so I can just make sure in that light.... :-)

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Pictures??? Want to see your choice!

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OMG. I ended up with the other cabinet! Tried to "match" the tile to the hardwood in the dining room, which is really just the other side of the big long room. Nope, too "matchy matchy". And didn't like so much of the gold color esp under the black appliances that we are keeping. So now going with a more grey toned tile that has the gold color streaking through it, enough to pick up the wood color. Pictures soon of our selections. Need to figure out how to put them on and need time to put them on! :-)

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