Question re: banquette seating under windowsill

phrazinaSeptember 19, 2012

Hello all,

I've been reading through all the real posts on banquette seating and haven't seen the answer to this question, but if it has already been answered, please feel free to point me in the right direction!

I am looking to put in built in banquettes in an L shape under two windows. The height of the windowsill is 23" off the floor. I am trying to decide how to deal with back support and comfort due to the window sill sticking out a bit. I am tempted to just put pillows that can be moved so that the window isn't blocked by something permanent. Would that provide enough comfort against a window sill? Or would you put a small backrest that would permanently block a portion of the window? or is there another solution I haven't thought of?

Any thoughts or experiences with this would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks to everyone!

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sorry to say that I rejected just such a planning option due to windows backing a banquette. The built in banquette would look great until someone went through the window backwards :-( or no one would sit with their backs to the windows in the winter :-( or we kept losing guests behind the banquette window drapes :-)
We will be going with regular chairs.

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We put a piano hinge on the back, so it can fold down

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The piano hinge is a great idea. I don't tend to sit back when I am eating, but I always felt "vulnerable" somehow, with my back right against the window in my friends' bay window banquette.

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That piano hinge is brilliant, a2gemini.

Does the board angle back? How do you keep it from falling forward--is it attached to the window molding or wall somehow?

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Our GC came up with the idea. I hoped for a slight angle but the pillows are a bit more plump, so it is close to straight up. GC was going to use magnants but we decided not to install as it stays up just fine. I love my nook!

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Brilliant!!!! by the way, would it have worked to have the panels fold down under the seat cushion when not in use? I would prefer the flexibility of having it out of the way and not visible unless we need it

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Yes. That was the original plan.
I thought of that but it seemed like a bit too much work to have to lift the big cushion on top of the wood back and then find a place to store the back cushions, so decided to just be able to flip down the back over the bottom cushion.

I will let our GC know you think he is brilliant.

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