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cat_momSeptember 24, 2013

Hi Sue,

You have emailed me for info a few times via GW, however, unless you check the box allowing people to reply to your emails, I cannot send you replies with answers to your questions. I did send you a shout-out on one of the forums way back, alerting you to this, perhaps you didn't see it?

Hopefully you will see this post so you can change your member profile (and know that I haven't been ignoring your queries :). )

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Cat, you can email her from her member page . . .

The message you are seeing at the bottom of the email (PLEASE NOTE: The member responding to your post has chosen not to reveal his or her email address. Therefore, you cannot reply to this message via email) only means that you are not able to respond by clicking reply within your email account (gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail, etc). However, there is a way to send them a response ... go to their 'My Page' and respond to them from there. Neither of you has to unblock your email address.

You do not have to respond via email. Since NJHM is set up to be able to receive email, you can respond to her from her My Page the same way she emailed you.

Finding a member 'My Page' ...
I believe it IS upper or lower case sensitive

Here is some helpful info for those who have not set up their email account yet . . .
1. Be sure you have a valid/current email address in your profile
2. In your profile, be sure you have the "Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site." box checked (at the bottom of the profile page)
3. When posting to a thread, be sure to check the box labeled "Check here if you would like copies of follow-ups to your message emailed to you" when you submit your post. (Below the "Message" box)
CLICK "save your member profile" button

At that time, you also have the choice to have your email address revealed or not revealed in your settings.

I noticed something that made me change my settings ... When you email someone, if they have their email revealed, GW will automatically show you the person's email address. Just in case any spammers ever come trying to harvest email addresses, I thought it would be a good idea to change my settings. Because I use my real, work email address in GW, not a fake throwaway address. Click the first link below and you will see an example of how you can see that person's email address. Typically, when I send a private message to someone using GW, I include my email address in the body of the message, so they can respond without having to search me out using My Page. But I can still keep my email address private within my settings.

I have sent a suggestion asking GW to make this message that appears at the bottom of the email more clear, because it is very confusing how they have it worded. You can send a suggestion too ...
Here ...
or here ...

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Personally, I think that if someone wants to email me offline/privately, they should be willing to (1) reveal their email address to me and (2) make it easy to respond - not jump through hoops.

It's not intentional, most people don't realize what the settings really mean - that's why I started a thread telling people what they need to do if they want to privately email other members in numbered step-by-step format.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sending Emails to Members via ''My Page''

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Thanks for the info angela 12345 and buehl! I will respond to her tomorrow.

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Oops beuhl, I was responding on your other thread while you were responding here. I agree about not making the person I am messaging jump through hoops. That's why I always try to remember to include my email address in the body of the email.

Happy to help, cat !

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