Feels like a dumb question but I gotta ask -

hags00September 27, 2012

The towel pig thread has kind of got me thinking about this. My habit is to use a wet kitchen cloth through out the day to wipe up counters, etc. Each time I am done with it, I lay it open all the way across the divider between the double bowls on my current sink. By morning it is usually dry and I throw it in the laundry and get a fresh one.

Wednesday I am moving into my house with the new Blanco Super Single Sink. No center divide. What do those of you with Single sinks do with you drippy, wet cloths? I don't recall in my adult life not having a double bowl sink and can't seem to come up with a good answer to this questions!

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It may be gauche, but I use a sponge that sits in a little white dish on the counter behind the sink, so it doesn't sit right on the counter. I have two sponges going at once, one in the dishwasher, one in use. When the dishes are clean, I swap them.

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I hang it on the faucet sometimes. I have a tall arc faucet and it hangs there fine. I also just throw wet towels into the laundry- but I do laundry very frequently so they never sit for long and get mildewy.

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I hang mine on the faucet where it meets the control lever thingamajig. Mine is a washcloth though so smaller. At night before bed, I hang it over the top of the high arc faucet. It's dry in the morning. Throw it in the laundry basket and start fresh.

Not a dumb question. :)

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Not a dumb question at all---it's one many of us have wondered about.

The link below shows what I've gotten for the SS single bowl sink with which I'm looking forward to replacing my current double bowl cast iron sink. Obviously, I haven't used it yet, so can't critique it.

I learned of this here in the Kitchen Forum, so if you do a search you may find some more comments about how others like it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magisso Magnetic Cloth Holder

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What!!! Hang it over my new high arc faucet??? I am still in love with it and haven't even gotten to use it yet!

Seriously though that was the only place I could think of. I was considering a towel pig and position him on the edge of the sink so his snout hangs over and hanging it there! Mine is only a washcloth also.

Kids are gone, I only do laundry once a week so I need them dry before I throw them in the laundry.

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Sail Away - That is cool!! Anyone tried one on a silgranite sink? Is the magnet strong enough?

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I don't hang the washcloth I mentioned on top of my high arc cleanup faucet during the day where it would look horrible every time I look at it. :) I hang it on the horizontal part of the faucet with the lever control during the day when its in use. Much more unobtrusive. Truth be told, mine isn't used to wipe up counters (I use a....horror....sponge for that) but to clean little DD's mouth and hands after eating. Only at night when I'm going to bed do I hang it on top of the faucet to dry.

This is my prep sink, but its the same as my cleanup faucet. See the horizontal part?

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sponges do the wiping-buy them in large packs-keep a sponge anywhere you like-counter ledge/corner of sink/under sink-they dry fast and are small. stopped using dishcloths.do keep 2 small soft cotton cloths under sink for cleaning stainless appliances-cleaning and buffing-about every 7-10 days. chore boy under sink for washing pots.

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I use mine for one prep/cleanup and throw it right into the washing machine at the end of the meal cleanup. I have so many that I can do that without ever running out. Many times I'll go through 3 towels during one meal.

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Yup I see the horizontal part and that does look like an ideal place but I don't have one on my super sexy super single sink faucet (mine is curvaceous!).

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oo ooo oooo

I just answered this question for myself a few weeks ago... I too have a large single bowl now (loving it)... but I was missing an easy place to hang a wash rag...

none of the suction thingies work with silgranit.

but THIS DOES!!! so happy to have a place to hang my dishrag again.


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I love these Libman sponges that I keep in my dish drainer in my sink cabinet. The blue side is microfiber and it's great for wiping counters without leaving puddles. It's one of those rinse-clean sponges but better than the O-cel-o brand. I just retired one that lasted four months and could've gone longer if it hadn't done oven duty. Must not be made in China.

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Hags--what does your faucet look like?

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lawjedi, where/how do you use those? pic?

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Here is a picture of the curvaceous one! This was really a picture of the sink and counter and I haven't taken a picture of just the faucet yet.

I bought it because I really liked the location of the handle for both hot and cold water, I don't have a lot of room behind it.

It is a Moen Benton and it was under $200 at HD with Spot Resisitance and Reflex. Really good deal compared to prices elsewhere!

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen Benton

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The Magisso is very cool, but I'm too cheap to spend that kind of dough on it. So I made a fixed (no swing arm) cheapo-magisso with rare earth magnets and a cabinet pull. My sink is stainless and the magnets hold through it very well; I'm not sure how thick silgranite is, so don't know about that.

And I, like breezy, toss it over the high arc at bedtime to dry by morning. Covering up my cool faucet bothered me the first few times, but I didn't lose any sleep over it. :)

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Hhhmmm...I still think a washcloth would work hanging in the little crook of that faucet.

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lawjedi -you have it attached to your silgranite? Does it get splashed and hang a wet cloth on it and still hold? Could you snap a picture for us? Seems so simple!! I love simple!

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I also use a sponge. I have a suction cup sponge holder that I attach to the inside of the sink where I can set the sponge. This allows the sponge to drain and dry in between uses. I am not sure if it will work with my new cast iron sink ( I think it should since it is a suction cup not a magnet)
The cloth I talk about draping over the faucet is my dishtowel. I use that to wipe around the sink and for drying hands, pots. I use one each day and throw in the wash at the end of the day.

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I have the Magisso magnetic cloth holder in my stainless steel single bowl sink. I use a dishcloth like you do it sounds like, and this little gadget is great. I wish it were an inch or so longer, but it gets the job done. I think I bought it at Finnstyle, and it was around $20. You hardly see it unless you're right up at the sink. Hope this helps.

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I had to come back... I am the poster who used the clear command hooks... it worked great for a month... and then the adhesive gave out... I guess being exposed to the water over a period of time weakened it.

I really don't want to keep putting it up every month or so...

I found this online and am giving it a shot. Not beautiful, but hey, I'm a practical girl. :-)


I use a squatty dish wand... I have my wand on the left side with the sponge sort of in the middle and side...

I happened to have a white plastic clip that I put on the right side and it sticks up enough to be a "hook" for my dish rag.

I just put it all up today, but I think this will solve my problem...

(I have a super single silgranit and suction things don't work with it)


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Angela recently posted about Lee Valley on this post. See fouramblues photo with the drawer pull and magnets. I bought some of those magnets for my refrigerator, but think I'm going to buy more in stainless so I can do the same thing.

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I use bar cloths (bought in bulk) to wipe counters -- they're large, thick, and cotton. With an under-mount sink, I just fold it in half lengthwise,and hang it so that it's halfway on the countertop and half way hanging down the side of the sink, friction holds it in place. I always rinse and wring it out when I finish with it and before I put it there, so no puddles have ever formed. With under-mount sinks there's no caulking bead around the rim on the countertop to get nasty and moldy from having a damp cloth hanging over it, so no reason not to hang it there. I don't suppose you could do it if you had a wood countertop, but I'm assuming you're talking wood? I change towels out every morning, but use the same one throughout the day. It dries fairly well hanging there, I'm not sure if it drips into the sink from the hanging end, or if the water just evaporates, either way it has been working fine for a couple years now. Love the idea of a towel pig, but not only have I never found a suitable one, but I don't really need it, and am greedy with my countertop space -- especially near the sink, so no pig for me.

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Well I have been in about a week and I am still struggling with what to do with that cloth!! Can't bring myself to hang it over the faucet at night....maybe I need another week! Mostly they are are just wadded up in the bottom corner of the sink. Bought one of the caddies listed in the link, thinking maybe with the upper bar it would hang on the sink...didn't work, it is going back.

Still working on this dilemma but my greater concern right now is finding and installing pulls. I can get my cabinets open but my soft close drawers and my fingers are fighting and the drawers are winning.

I will post my solution when I find it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Caddy

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I use the Magisso straight dishrag thingie and really like it: keeps dishrags out of sight, less clutter for the countertop (although I do admire those pigs). The magnet is strong, but you might want to be sure you can return it if it doesn't work well with your particular sink.

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The Magisso looks perfect but I have heard they don't work through Silgranite.

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This is the eternal question in my house too. I used the faucet, then tossed into laundry in morning. I also installed one of those pull out towel racks from Ikea under my sink cabinet. I could wring out the cloth very well and hang it on that.

Breezy-What faucet is that? I really like it.

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Here's a picture -

wide view with dish rag - I drilled holes in the white tray on the side - encourages kids to put the silverware THERE instead of all over the sink.

up close - no dish rag - so you can see the clip I stuck on there

I'm pretty sure the sponge and wand are **supposed** to switched - but my wand has a chunky handle and didn't fit well on the right.


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Get the Magisso if you have stainless steel!!

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I put towel bar-like pulls on the full height doors on my sink cabinet to put dishcloths and towels on:

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If I only have one, I actually lay it across the sink grid at the bottom. But I always have more than one (try five), and squeeze them all out and stick them in a plastic wide-mesh hamper that has lining underneath it. Generally I "reboot my laundry" every day, though. No more Mt. Washmore really makes it easier!

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I have a little towel bar on the inside of the cabinet door. It is perfect for this stuff, just squeeze all the water out of the rag and hang it there. I also have the pullout thing-a-ma-jig that DW made for me that holds towels. but the one on the door is just too convenient. I have one at each sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: mine from amazon

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