New Kitchen Complete, photos and product list

pton57September 15, 2013

After a number of years of research, much of it in this forum, we kicked off our renovation in early March. It involved breaking thru a wall to extend the kitchen an additional 12 feet, with the balance of that former little-used living room becoming the dining room (and the former dining room becoming the den).
I learned so much here that benefited the choices that we made in design and products. This knowledge also made me much more comfortable spending what we did, as I knew that we were getting our money's worth. I hope that the photos below and the product list will similarly help those who are just starting out.

Cabinets: Kingswood Shaker with slab drawers, full overlay, Maple with honey finish
Pulls: Hickory Hardware Greenwich, stainless
Countertop: Cambria Torquay
Sink: Kohler Stages
Mat: Sublime Imprint Anti Fatigue Nantucket Series 26-Inch By 72-Inch Comfort Mat, Cinnamon
Counter backsplash: Daltile Subway, 3x6, finished in Schluter strips
Rangetop backsplash: 24 gauge stainless Bright Ocean pattern
Main faucet: Kohler Karbon, stainless
Filtered water faucet: Newport Brass 106C East Linear Single Handle Cold Water Dispenser, Stainless
Under sink water filter: Pure Water Products Black and White Quadruple filter
Soap dispenser: Kohler K-1995 16 Ounce Soap / Lotion Dispenser, stainless
Rangetop: DCS 36 inch 6 burner, stainless
Hood: Broan Elite E60000 Series E6042TSS, stainless
Oven: Bosch 300 Series HBL3550UC, stainless
Microwave: GE Profile Spacemaker II PEM31SMSS, stainless
Refrigerator: Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHG2344MF, stainless
Dishwasher: Re-use Bosch, stainless
Can lights: EcoSmart 6 in. 9.5-Watt (65W) Soft White (2700K) LED
Sink window: Andersen 400 Series Casement, C335
Sink lights: Progress Lighting P5163-09 Brushed Nickel Glass Pendants Series 9" Single-Light Stem-Hung Caged Mini Pendant with Clear Prismatic Glass Shade
Screwless faceplates: Cooper Wiring Devices Aspire Screwless Wallplate, White Satin
Counter stools: Grandin Julien Counter Stool, Citrine
Floor: 4 in. red oak with custom Minwax stain (.25 Jacobean, .75 English Chestnut)
Storage: Korner King, Appliance garage

Old Kitchen


New Kitchen

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you did a really good job. I like the lime green counter stools and the white counter tops.

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I'm itching to see what's behind all those doors!

What a wonderful transformation - you must be thrilled. So many things to like - but the pulls really stood out for me.


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Congratulations on a gorgeous, practical kitchen. I love the cabinets, the simple lines and the wonderful window. What a transformation!

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Very elegant! I especially love the cabinet hardware.

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Gorgeous! I love the cabs and that beautiful window with the pretty valence and pendants. And the view -- I wish I had a nice view like that out my kitchen. Lovely flooring too, and I'm digging the great organization station. Great job! Enjoy your beautiful new space.

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Holly- Kay

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the honey stain and your window is fabulous!

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I really like your kitchen. If I had the space, it would be my ideal. I too have wood floors, and ordered maple cabinets. I like your white/tan counter tops, and the simple white BS. You have so much prep space now. I'm jealous: I had to go with a range and OTR MW--just lacked the space.
Oh, and the green stools add a nice bit of color.

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Thanks for your kind words, we are very happy with the result.

Special shout-out goes to holly-kay, who responded to my hardware question on this forum by bringing to my attention Bagergal's Hickory Hardware Greenwich pulls, which is what we chose.

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Beautiful - Great use of space, love the lightness of it - and fabulous stools with the countertop and cabinet colors. Hope you are enjoying it!

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Sooooo nice! I love everything about your kitchen! It is so big--and the view out of your window is awesome! The cabinets are so warm. Really a great space.

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Really beautiful space! I love the large window!

I'm sure you are enjoying your new kitchen.

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What a Homey kitchen even with all the space it is warm and inviting! Love the window over the sink and that lush Green View is a treat to the eyes!
The cabinet and work space is wonderful...I don't have that luxury....but wish I did! I am sure you are enjoying every minute.
And another thumbs Up to the Lime Green of my very favorite colors....I have a Cool Lime Green Fiesta Ware Pitcher that I dearly love!
Again Congratulations on a Beautiful well thought out kitchen!

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Wow, that is a wonderful transformation! It looks so nice and inviting. That window is fantastic!

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Very pretty. Very smart. I like the way you flipped the orientation which reminds me of Buehl's beautiful kitchen. The wood is warm and interesting, I love all your choices. Great valance, karbon,stages, floor, windows--just a real smart job. Congrats to you and your family. lovely room.

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Really nice. Like the valance and your tv area. Expanding the kitchen area really made a difference. Enjoy!

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I also want to see what's behind all the doors, especially the view to your yard. Looks like a beautiful piece of property. You did a great job on your kitchen. You must be loving the bigger space. Congratulation! It's lovely.

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Lovely! You did an amazing job. It is serene. You must really enjoy working in the kitchen now--so roomy, pleasant, ample counter workspace, and a window that is to die for. Congratulations!

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Just beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful job...

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Fabulous kitchen!!
Do you have any feedback on the Stages sink and Karbon faucet?

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Gorgeous! I love your cabinets and hardware. Everything works so well together. You must be so pleased with such a beautiful place to work.

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Califreckles, here is our Stages & Karbon feedback:

Stages: the sink size really works well for us, both width and depth. My wife, who does a lot of cooking, was very psyched when she saw the Kohler video on Youtube, but is still figuring out how to maximize it's utility. She doesn't really have a routine yet for using the trays, cutting board, and bowls that come with it. One observation is that the purpose of all that stuff is make the sink space less of a black hole and more of a productive space, but with the counterspace that we have, that becomes less important.

A WORD OF WARNING -- the two trays and the cutting board are meant to slide back and forth along the top of the sink. For us, the cutting board and the smaller tray do, but the larger tray stops about midway, as the countertop is not wide enough to accommodate it (by a millimeter of so, I am sure). thinking that the tray was at fault, I asked for a replacement tray from Kohler, which they provided, still no dice. Our fabricators actually took the physical sink with them after they templated to make sure that the hole they cut was adequate, but in retrospect I would have had them take the accessories to make sure that they fit as well. For us, a minor annoyance, not a big deal.

Karbon -- We like the fact that you can place the faucet in any direction and it "holds" there. We have well water, and the water pressure in the house is acceptable but not strong. We would like the water to have some more pressure coming out normally (spray is ok), so we bought and installed some "high flow" adapter that Kohler sells, which did not make a noticeable difference. I think that says more about our water pressure than the faucet.

One mishap we had was that our 8 yr old nephew was not familiar with the tap and pulled it toward him (as opposed to push it away), and pulled so hard that it snapped off. Kohler replaced it at no cost, but we paid for the install.

Hope this is useful.

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Your new kitchen looks awesome! Love the desk area too. We are leaning towards a similar look-shaker with a medium tone. Thanks for all the details.

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Awesome kitchen, awesome view from the sink!


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Does your Kohler Karbon faucet has a weak water flow? I have the same one installed days ago and find it has a weaker water flow than the rest of my water supply in house.

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babyfish00 -- re: Kohler waterflow. Yes, the water flow is underwhelming. See the comments in my post of Sat Sept21 above.

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Wow! Looks fabulous. Enjoy!

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Thanks pton57 for your pointer. I will search before asking question next time.

Your kitchen looks very cozy and warm, Love it! How long the renovation takes you from start to finish?

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that looks lovely. i LOVE your bookshelf /tv cabinet! such a great space to pay bills! i wish i had one of those!

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