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secondhalfSeptember 23, 2012

Hi everyone: Long story short: we lost three feet of living space due to a roofline/false ceiling issue and rather than take the expensive route that would have been unfair to our really wonderful GC, we decided to put in built-ins and create a window seat.

The area at issue is in our "keeping room" which will become part of our kitchen. It has a fireplace and we will be putting a farmer's table in front of the fireplace. There will also be a reading chair in the room. The room leads to the deck and where you see at plywood blockade there will be a french door into the family room. The kitchen will have a period vibe with marble and soapstone. hardwoods though out.

The window seat will be about 5ft and I have three feet on either side. I was thinking of keeping it symmetrical with bookshelves for the uppers on both sides and cupboards with a pull out wine bar on one side and a music/ mail station on the other.

I found some ideas on houzz but I can't seem to post pics from there with my iPad.

Any suggestions are appreciated- you all have much better vision than I.

The gutted kitchen

Looking from kitchen into keeping room- the boarded off door will eventually be a French door, amd dogs are looking out onto deck:

View from kitchen to where we I need to figure out what to do:

Straight on view of space to build in:

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I think you're on track with your designs. If you paste the URLs of the Houzz pics you like, I or someone else can post the pics. I use an iPad also so I use the hmtl code trick.

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breezygirl- thank you...do you view houzz from the app or from the web?

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my experience wuth spaces like that is not to build in. I'd want the perimeter as free and clear and then when it's done do things with my furniture. I can see a game table and 4 chairs and a chaise off to the side or a couple club chairs or a small sectional.but the window seat??-what is the rationale,because that would eat up too much floorspace for me. the answer of what to do with it will readily come at a later time. You have plenty of features with window/fireplace/french doors/cathedral ceiling-you just don't realize it right now....More planning, and "building-in" isn't needed[meant positively]...it's so nice!

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Web. My first gen iPad has the most basic operating system so most apps are too sophisticated for me. Thanks to the forum, I now know that I can download a software upgrade and plan to do that soon. Just need DH to find the cables or whatever is needed. Yeah.....that'll be the day.... ;)

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Herbflavor- I understand what you're saying, but leaving it as is really isn't an option as we would have a cathedral ceiling that suddenly bumps out 3 feet to a flat 8 foot ceiling. You can't tell from the
pics but it doesn't look right Fixing it to follow the roofline would cost our GC a lot and result in an uncentered fireplace. So we are 'stuck' with building in.

I like these...or I could also do a closet on either side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Built- ins

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closet on left,ending several inches before window trim-bookcase on right ,same distance from window trim, with a dropped tray connecting the two sides,running atop window....suspend ceiling mounted bracket and rail from the "tray area" above window so you can do clever drape panels that swish back and forth and skip the window seat. I'd have the bookcase on right end with storage cubbies for the bottom 18 in or so with little hatch doors-more storage!

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Hmmm. Herbflavor you have me thinking. That closet sounds incredibly tempting. But were you harmed by a window seat in a prior life? You are mightily dead set against them :).

What if I said I thought it would be perfect for using to store our deck chair pads that we bring in nightly during the summer?

breezygirl...I have extra cables I wish I could loan you. Sometimes the apple store will help....

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Well-my aunt's house has an entire wall with bookcases flanking bay window and window seat-custom-it looks nice but no one sits there-ever- except for XMas pics.In addition-I do have a living space with some of the features your space has....people move around ,won't actually sit at a window seat-they'll look for good seating around fireplace or conversation group or at the kitchen island.I wouldn't build a window seat for storage of outdoor anything-decktotes/shed/garage/etc is where all that stuff goes[party barge,rubber rings/kick boards/chair cushion and footstool cushion/grill supplies,etc]. The closet storage will fulfill storage needs-3 ft deep?-you can fit that up in a multitude of ways.

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Traditional Living Room design by New York Kitchen And Bath Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt

Here is the picture. Hope you're making progress on your project. I think some of the usefulness of a window seat comes from having something to lean into, rather than the glass. Sarah Susanka has excellent window seat building recommendations in some of the books she has written.

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Herbflavor- you make a good point. And I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that the seat will get lots and lots of use. My 90 pound golden thinks he's a cat and his favorite thing is to watch out the window for his daddy to come home. When we bumped this out, he lost his leather sofa and his window where he used to watch us come and go. I planned to use sunbrella fabric and another washable slipcover.

Laughable- thank you for pointing me in the direction of that design book. I will take a look.

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