DWD set in center of base? Anyone know why not?

deedlesSeptember 15, 2012

Just wondering if a person bought one DWD, say the tall one... is there any practical reason why you couldn't have the cabinet made with a shallow drawer at the top, then the DWD, then another drawer underneath? I can't think of a reason but I've not seen it done thus far. Has anyone seen this?

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Do they not let steam out the top? My former DW ruined my perfectly good, even though installed incorrectly, partical board under laminate countertops. Steam would billow out after the rinse cycle.


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I don't think I've noticed steam billowing out of my Bosch Dw unless I open it. I mean, if that was the case wouldn't everyone with laminate have this happen? Was yours a DWD?

Maybe I could put a Blum tandombox over it?

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Fori is not pleased

Like an F&P? They don't have a heated dry so they aren't super steamy. You'd certainly want to seal it well...

I think nobody does it because it's not an improvement in functionality. You'd still need a drawer underneath, too.

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Actually, experienced laminate people will not warranty the counter with dishwasher drawers. The silly little plastic strip merely delays the inevitable. Ask me how I know :(

They are a little freaky because of the drawer - it has a lid inside that clamps down when the unit is on. But once you open the unit, all the steam goes straight up into whatever is above it. Even if you reshut the drawer, the lid is now unlocked and the steam will keep going up from the top. Regular dishwashers do this do, but not after you close the door.

We used ours for about 4 months with the silly strip and the counter had just started to bubble up. They could have changed the model since we had one, but I really wouldn't recommend putting it under a drawer.

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Hmm. Okay. Could be problematic, I guess.

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