Trouble with these few picky things.. how to decide?

deedlesSeptember 6, 2013

Hello all, hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!

I'm kinda stuck on a couple last minute cabinet decisions and am hoping for some clarity from you all:

I have 54" of base cabs to the right of the sink to play with. All other cabinets are spoken for and cannot change.

So, in that run of 54" I need a DW and drawer base for silverware/tupperware/plastic wrap/baking stuff.

I also have to decide what to do with my trash. It feels like a pull-out in half my 30" apron sink base won't be big enough. We seem to generate a goodly amount of trash even with recycling. Do I give away say, 12" of that precious 54" for a trash pullout?

My options for trash are; small one under the sink, emptied too frequently I think, 12" cabinet for trash OR a skinny simplehuman trash next to fridge but it would stick into the doorway about 7". That is it for trash options.

If I do a trash cabinet and have an 18" DW, I'll be left with a 24" base for the above listed stuff. If I go standard on the DW then my beautiful drawer base is shrunk to 18". I don't like that.

Would a nice simplehuman can sticking out 7" into a 36" open doorway be a bad thing?

I generate a lot of dishes, trash AND have a bunch of stuff to fill up a 36" drawer base. Something has to give... what is it?

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"Would a nice simplehuman can sticking out 7" into a 36" open doorway be a bad thing?"

Yes, I believe it would. You would soon get sick of it in your beautiful new kitchen. I'd rather just plan on emptying the trash daily in either of the other spaces.

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I would use standard DW, wide drawers, and empty the trash more often.

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Ditto. I would not want the trash sticking out in the doorway.

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I think under the sink is your best bet..then you have a 24" DW and a 30" set of drawers. I have my silverware and Tupperware, etc in a 30" drawer base and I'm glad it is not smaller. I have two slots each for forks, knives, spoons as i like to have 16 or more of each on hand. I have my recycling just outside the door to the garage...maybe not optimal but my kitchen is small. The regular trash can is right next to the recycling...if you are able to do this you can just take your recycling and trash out once a day.

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Having never had a separate pull-out trash before, I have to say it's one of my favorite parts of the remodel. I bumped our peninsula into the hallway about 4" to make room for it. Can you do that?

I used the top mount Rev-a-Shelf that is 12", but the cabinet maker had to put it in a 13"-and-a-bit cabinet. So there goes another precious inch or so.

I have a 29" sink base, and it would be very tight to include a trash pullout. I doubt I could store any cleaning products because of the disposal. I would also not like having to step aside at the sink when someone wants to use the trash. There's only one extra someone in my house, but it is still annoying when he wants to be where I am.

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I have a small kitchen, and moving the trash out from under the sink into a neighboring pullout was worth every one of the 15 inches of cab, not to mention the extra cost. And 12" (or 13+) would be even more efficient. I have my paper towel cubby over my trash, which is why I needed 15",but with a cab for a 12" pullout, couldn't you have a small drawer above? It could hold the wraps. My big four - saran, foil,ziplocs, and wax paper - only take up 9" across, and you'd still have room behind for sandwich bags.

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So, nobody likes the can in the doorway? I guess I really don't either.

Ginny: I forgot I'd gain a drawer above the pull out. That would be a bonus.

Ugh. Thanks for everyone weighing in. Still thinking....

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