Blinding island pendant lights

secondhalfSeptember 24, 2012

Hi everyone- I have it in my head that I need to get pendants with diffusers so the light from the pendant isn't so direct. I love these pendants in aokat's kitchen but they are a bit more than I budgeted. I found some similar ones but they don't have diffusers at the bottom.

When I look at pics from those of you with actual dome type pendants I see that most do NOT have diffusers. Am I fussing over nothing? Here are the ones I like:

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I don't think diffusers are necessary. I have clear glass lanterns (4 bulbs each) and they're fine. No one is going to stare directly up at the bulbs. I love those pendants ...good luck!

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I didn't know there were any lights with diffusers. But I know what you mean about the interrogation lamp. My mil's light over her dining table is like that. And that is also the reason I want a chandelier that has upturned lights instead of downturned.

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