2 possible layouts for review... back to the peninsula!

deedlesSeptember 10, 2012

Experimenting with the peninsula layout again. Thoughts on the 2 different layouts i.e. function, clearances, what could be there but isn't or vice versa.

The main difference is the size of the cabs around the stove: either R/L 24" base and 18" (or 21" uppers) or 18" left base/30" right base and 15" uppers.

I put in a full height pantry at the right side of the U, either 15" as shown or should it be 18" but lose 3" off the cabs on the other legs of the U?

I'm unsure of the clearance needed for the fridge door to open fully...seen everything from 4" to 13" depending on where I look. Does anyone have a fridge on a wall that could weigh in with their experience?

Thank you all...

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Overall, I like the designs (naturally! ;-).

Gosh, hard to decide. I think the 18/30 would probably work a little better, but the 24/24 would probably look a little better. Sorry, I know that doesn't help much.

When we were trying to decide on the depth of a pantry, we mocked things up by making a shelf of a given size and putting cans, cereal boxes, etc. on it. We were actually trying to come up with the minimum depth for a very shallow pantry, but the principle is the same. We chose a 9" deep box (resulting in about 8" deep shelves). This is plenty handy. Based on this, I would argue for the 15" depth.

What I really think, however, is that you should just give up and send that lovely sink to me to simplify your planning. ;-) (I am soo jealous of that sink!)

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I'd probably go with the symmetrical bases beside the range.

I think 15'' deep is plenty for the pantry. Even with that depth, things tend to get buried behind each other. Mine are 16'' deep and I would not want them any deeper.

And a suggestion: if you make the bench/seats on the porch 24'' deep, they will also make great lounging spots. Nice to stretch out on a pile of pillows and read a book.

I would also make the backs loose pillows so I could remove them to make a wider ''bed'' when I wanted to lounge. 24'' cushions actually could be used as narrow beds when guests come.

It looks like they are drawn 18'' deep, and I don't think that is enough. You might want to check into banquette seating suggestions. You have plenty of room there and won't miss an extra 6''.

And a query: where is Grandmother's hutch?


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I agree on a shallower depth for the full-height pantry. I loved mine in an old bungalow and copied it for my new kitchen. Shelves are 12", which means cans 3, 4, and 5-deep. Bottles 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-deep. Giant boxes of cereal from Sam's Club would have to go in sideways, but that's all, and we pour them into 11.5-inch deep sealed containers. Regular cereal boxes fit straight in with lots of room left over.

Where's your china cabinet going?

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Angie: seems to be the opinion that 24/24 would look better and DH likes symmetry so maybe that's the way to go. I have a 30" drawer under the stove now and it holds more than plenty. Several 24's should be okay.

As far as the sink: everything has a price! I'm kinda bummed actually that it would be relegated to clean-up sink status since it's so nicely built for prep with the cutting board ledge and offset drain and such. Just don't know if I put it in on the prep peninsula if there'd be enough counter space for working?

Sandra: Thanks for the input on the pantry depth. It would gain me some nice space on the other 2 legs to keep that shallower and I wonder if the base was 18" deep if drawers would still be useful? Maybe not.

I didn't draw the bench seats to any scale, just put them there to see if I'd like it. In our little camper we have a table/bench that makes into a bed so your suggestion is a really good one! We could totally use some extra space for a person to sleep a few times a year.

Rosie: 12" uppers and 15" lowers maybe? I'll bet I could fit my small appliances in a 15" deep cupboard. Then maybe keep the uppers standard distance off the lower and have a narrow counter space for canisters or extra work space if in a pinch?

Okay, you guys have been really helpful... I'll keep thinking along the shallower lines.

The hutch is seen in the bottom pic along the living room wall catty corner from the round counter corner. You guys have good memories!

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I chose not to go symmetrical but not enough space to have 24s. I went with a 15/30 split in one location and like the flexibility.
So, I think either will work- just depends what catches your eye!
Sometimes you have to trust your gut feelings.
Can't wait to see this in action!

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a2Gemini: I can't wait either! We're getting closer though... probably start gutting in November... so maybe, just maybe next year at this time.....

Once I have the actual to-the-inch dimensions, I'll be better able to decide. Probably do some pot and pan measuring, too. Form follows function, right?

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Hmmm. Just tossing ideas here.
1. What if the bottom and top of the pantry had doors, but the countertop level was open countertop with 16'' or so up to the closed uppers. Really, it would look like another wall of cabinets.
2. Or better still--What if there were pull down doors (aka appliance garage) on this area between base and upper cab? Then toaster oven, toaster, coffee stuff, mixer, blender, all sorts of small appliances could live there and be used easily in place but the clutter hidden when desired. And there would be countertop allowing limited work in the area as well. Maybe 3 pull-down doors? However I would NOT want to divide the area with vertical supports, so 3 pull down doors would not work. Is it too wide for a single pull down? Would you need a pull down, would you ever bother to pull it down, or just leave these appliances visible? Still thinking as I type, I think I would build in a countertop, but I think I would leave it open with doors above and below. I think the row of small appliances on a narrow countertop would look fine.
3. I just measured my largest ''small'' appliances. The Breville toaster oven and the Breville grill are both 15'' deep.
4. I'm doubtful about drawers in a 15'' deep area. Most cabinet makers make drawers 2 or more inches less deep than the space in which they live, and up to 3'' narrower. And drawers, obviously are not adjustable as shelves are.

I'll get back later with some pics that might be useful as you think through this.

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Sandra: That would be nice to have a shallow counter for appliances. And no, it wouldn't bother me in the least to have them sitting out so I think I'd leave it open. Basically would be the Kitchenaid mixer, food processor and then maybe my mixing bowls. I like to have those handy and they are vintage splatterware melmac so they look good anyway.

Here's another question that I've been pondering: Should the width of the uppers be the full width of the lowers or is it minus the 3" fill on each side of the lowers? I'm planning on inset uppers and full overlay lowers, if that matters.

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Deedles- You know what will work best in your kitchen, so this is just an idea that may or may not work...

I'm going with a more 'retro' layout, to go with your range and very cool sink. It doesn't have as much storage, but it's more open and the dining area is centered on the window. Your grandmother's hutch is now where you had the desk.

In the kitchen, the range and fridge are in the corner, with the copper sink under the window. You could add a corner prep sink, by the range. I like uppers on each side of the window (more old fashioned) but you could add a narrow pantry on one or both ends. Again, just another idea :)

From Cottage house plans

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Lav: I've worked that open layout to death and just can't seem to find enough storage that way. I like it open but I also like the U shape with the prep area more segregated from traffic. But hey, we aren't starting to gut til this fall so who knows what ideas will fall from the sky?

You might be happy to hear that I'm considering a *green* Big Chill fridge though! The bigger top freezer model. I sent for a sample of the color and it's dang close to the stove color.

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Really? That would be amazing! :)

I know...looks vs. storage, always a problem! My only concern is the 'entryway' through your kitchen. With the dishdrawers open and people walking through to the living room, it could be a bit of a bottle neck. But, I'm tall and get a little claustrophobic, so I like more open spaces (LOL).

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Everything is a trade-off, it seems but yes, the walkway will have to be wide enough. 90% of the time it'll be me and DH and a large dog so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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The question of the day
Fashion over function or
Function over fashion!!!

Yup - lots of measurements of the pots, pans, etc!!!

I'll be watching - but as you know, between DM long distance (just out of hospital again) and too many work hours. my time on GW is limited....

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