Which Silgranit sink?

marcia59September 27, 2013

I've got it narrowed down to two silgranit sinks and I'm trying to decide. There's a price difference, but forgetting that for one moment, do you think one is more functional than the other? They're very close to the same size, so I think the real questions are (a) is one drain location more functional than the other and (b) is there any reason that I care that one is only undermount and the other has flanges that allow it to be used as a top mount, even though I'll be using it undermount?

It seems I need two posts to give you two links.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's the first sink

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Marcia, the sink linked in your OP above is the BlancoDiamond Super Single, which has the right corner drain. I'll link your second choice below, the BlancoPrecis Super Single with a rear drain.

I have the BlancoDiamond and prefer it because of its right drain position. The drain is really out of the way, and you can set large pans in the sink to soak without covering the drain. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this drain position.

The fact that one of the sinks can be surface-mounted should not figure into your decision. It won't matter for your installation.

Also, a minor difference betwwen the two is that the BlancoDiamond requires a 35" sink cabinet base, and the BlancoPrecis requires a 36" sink cabinet base. If your sink cabinet is 36" you will fit either one.

Here is a link that might be useful: BlancoPrecis Super Single with Rear Drain

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I went through the same decision about eight months ago, and decided on the Precics. I'm a very symmetrical person, so the fact that the drain was in the center just made sense to me. I don't think you can go wrong here, it's a personal preference. I can see how the offset drain might be advantageous while washing dishes, but I love my sink the way it is, and the fact that the faucet lines up with the drain is just a bonus!

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The best position for the drain depends on how you will use it. My SIL has a similar sink with the drain on the right. She uses the left area to stack dirty dishes while cooking, then the drain is still fully accessible. I have a smaller silgranit sink with a center drain, and when handwashing large items they can cover up the drain so the water just accumulates in the sink. Will you be handwashing many dishes? Will you use part of the sink for an over-the-sink strainer or dish drainer?

I agree that this is just personal preference, either way will work.

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I wanted the corner drain but because of where the plumbing is, DW, GD etc. it would have been hard to hook up so we went with the Precis, center drain. Love the sink and can't say I've missed having the offset drain at all.

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I have a custom-made (by Handcrafted Metal Inc.) large single-bowl stainless steel sink with a right-corner drain. I love the drain location, and would not want a rear drain now that I have lived with a corner drain. My sink's corner drain is placed similar to the BlancoDiamond's so there is room for my large batch feed disposal. My faucet centers directly over the drain when I swivel it a bit to the right, if I need it to be directly over the drain.

Rachiele sinks are another high-end custom sink maker. Mr. Rachiele is also a GW member and posts occasionally with great advice. Rachiele sinks have corner drains. Julien Sinks is another high-end sink brand that offers corner drains. The corner drain location is associated with a high-end look in my opinion.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachiele describing ergonomics of his sinks with corner drains

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Marcia59 - any thoughts or response on which sink?

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