Nespresso Vertuoline - any owners out there?

jillies01September 1, 2014

After reading all the posts about the Nespresso a while back, I decided to buy the Pixie and aero latte, thinking I would use it once in a while. Fast forward six months and i am hooked on it! The problem I am having though is that with the frother, the pixie, the regular drip pot and a toaster all on the same small countertop - I feel like I live in a small appliance showroom! I am thinking that maybe I should have got the Vertoline instead, and then i could do away with the drip pot. Does anyone have the Vertuoline who would be willing to share their review of it with me? Thank you!

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I love mine. Had it for a few months and it is wonderful.

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I bought a Pixie last November during a sale and every day at 3:00 I stop whatever I'm doing for my cappuccino ceremony. My Pixie is nestled in a corner, out of the way. It's really just a little guy. My frother, without which I'm nothing, does not live on the counter. It's either drip drying in my rack or in the pantry.

Originally I bought a Citiz with the on-board frother. It simply had too big of a footprint and I exchanged it for my Pixie. Much better solution for a small kitchen.

Also, get the frother with the handle, not the one without, which can slip in your grasp.

I'm totally in love with my Pixie.

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We have a Vertuoline and love it.

Previously, we were Keurig owners. We loved the convenience of it (we drink varying amounts of coffee at different times of day, so making a big pot at once doesn't work for us). However, we had grown disenchanted with the quality of both the coffee and the machine itself. The Vertuoline got my attention, and one day in Williams-Sonoma, I made a cup of coffee. It blew me away how much better it was than the Keurig. My husband wasn't convinced, but when a great deal came up (20% off plus $75 credit for pods), I bought it. Made my husband a cup, and he was hooked.

If you drink a lot of coffee each day, it can be quite expensive (coffee pods are 95 cents each, espresso pods 75 cents). For the way we drink coffee, though, plus having the option of espresso, it's worth it for us.

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linelle - I have the pixie and the frothed and love them both. my quandary is the counter space I am taking up with that right next to the "Regular" coffee pot and toaster. I have cords up the wazoo (had to put a power strip there so that 4 items can go into 2 slots!) on top of making that section feel so crowded. It is driving me crazy - but I can't imagine not having my cappuccinos now!

I was hoping there was a miracle solution that could combine at least two of the appliances! If it was just me I would do away with the regular coffee in general after getting hooked on my pixie - but DH prefers the "regular" coffee. :( I considered separating them onto different counters, but then I have to do a back and forth for the cups / spoons/ etc.

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jillies01, I also have a regular drip coffee maker. As much as I love my Nespresso in the afternoon, in the morning I like a couple of large mugs of brewed coffee with 1/2&1/2. My Pixie lives next to my MW where I happened to have a free outlet. The frother base lives down by my toaster, which is in my general prep area. It really doesn't matter to me that they are separated by a few steps. I have it all figured out.

The foam drives me wild. :)

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linelle - thank you for the additional detail on location - I guess I am making more of an issue out of it then it has to be :) I am going to try separating them and see if I can work it out! I blame this all on Gardenweb - would have never even considered buying one in the first place without having read all the threads on them! :)

bowbat - do you think the coffee is hot enough from the virtuoline? The one thing I keep reading is that it isn't as hot as keurigs or normal coffee pots.

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"bowbat - do you think the coffee is hot enough from the virtuoline? The one thing I keep reading is that it isn't as hot as keurigs or normal coffee pots."

Perfectly hot. No issues with that whatsoever.

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