akcorcoran - question for you about pull placement

Ellen1234September 13, 2013

Hi akcorcoran!

I saw your kitchen on another thread and the drawers and your pull placement caught my eye.

Can you tell me where you have placed them?

It looks like the top drawer has it in the middle (heightwise) and the lower ones are all closer to the top -- how many inches from the top, would you say?

I just received my hardware so am trying to sort out the pull placement (stainless bar pulls).


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Hi! Yay, first time I've ever been pinged on GW! Thanks!

Yes, we are tall and have a lot of drawer so I did not want all the pulls in the center of each drawer. Because of that, they are all the same from the top, no matter the height of the drawer.

Now, my pull has a very small metal surround where the pull meets the drawer - if if were bigger, I'd have moved them down a little, but as they are, they are 2" down to the center of the pull from the top of every drawer, regardless of size.

The uniformity of that measurements gives it a clean look, I think, and I don't have to reach down to pull at the middle of low drawers. (That's especially handy on the pot drawers beneath the rangetop!)

I also picked a pull that is longer than 3" (I can't stand having to shove my fingers in the small ones, nor can hubby) and stand out a little further than the usual pull for a nice clean grab.

Here's a pic of the side with the most variation in drawer sizes (one vertical is our Super Susan cabinet in corner.)

But in the second pic you can see that, as an overall design, I have three cabinets that are four-drawer banks that are visible from either side of the island and the closest to you on the side of the kitchen which I did intentionally to have a little bit of symmetry for your eyes. :)

Last one below shows you what I mean by the metal being a small surround where it meets the drawer. That made the 2 to 2 1/4" possible.

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For what it's worth, we also employed a similar strategy in our new master bathroom but more of what you described.

The top row are centered on the drawer (because of the face of the cabinetry, they needed to be centered, where my kitchen drawer fronts were different - more flat, less inset.)

Then we used the same measurement from the top down on the bigger drawers.

So, it's 2 3/4" to the center for all of the the smaller drawers across the top and the two on top of the counter, - and then on the big drawers at the bottom, we only went down 2 3/4" from the top of the drawer for the higher placement.

(Kind of harder to tell on these because they are glass, but you get the idea!)

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OH - just caught that you have stainless bar pulls. OK! We have those in our new laundry room!

Same plan there in terms of putting the lower pulls higher than centered, but the drawer fronts were even different there! I really didn't want the big drawers (and pull out trash drawer) having the pulls way down in the middle, so they are in the top area of the drawer. Now, the top one in this set is flat, so that one is centered.

Hope any of this helps! Good luck! I knawed off my fingernails about where to put the pulls because you don't get a second chance to drill. My advice - tell him where to put them and then LEAVE the room. It only makes you more nervous to stand over them. Come back when they are all in and beautiful!

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Thank you for taking the time to reply and for posting the pictures! Your home is beautiful!

I'm leaning towards doing what you've done - I like the idea of centering the top and then using that distance to place the pull on the lower drawers. I particularly like the idea of not having to reach down as far to open the drawer -- I've been just pulling from the sides of the drawer and it's been a pain, especially for the lowest drawer!

Thanks again!

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